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How to Copy an Event

Sep 13, 2017

It continues to be exciting to see the number of CBs and LNGs using online event registration with MY AADE NETWORK! We have seen many groups utilize MY AADE NETWORK to set up events successfully and seamlessly. With online event registration, you are able to:

  • Easily track your attendees from year to year
  • Ask and maintain attendee special request lists for events—questions about dietary restrictions, physical accessibility questions, or special housing accommodations
  • Provide attendees with immediate online registration confirmations via email
  • Allow attendees and vendors to pay via a secure credit card transaction

Did you know that you could copy over all of the information from a past event to a new event?

This could save you time in entering information that is mostly the same from last year’s programs.  Here is admins can copy over a previous event:

  1. Go to your state's home page
  2. Click on the burgundy button called ‘National Admins Network’
  3. Click ‘Create an Event’ on the right hand side
  4. Select the CB or LNG
  5. Click ‘Copy Event’
  6. Select from the drop down menu, which event you’d like to copy over
  7. Press ‘OK’ and your event has been duplicated

If you need additional support setting up your MY AADE NETWORK event, need access to be able to setup events online, or have specific questions that are not addressed here, contact  for help.

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