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5 Post-event Activities for Your Team

Oct 16, 2017

It’s that time of year when your CB or LNG is coordinating your Fall Programs.  You have your to-do list for implementing your program - but does your team have a post-event to-do list?

Here are 5 post event activities to consider doing:

  • Schedule a debriefing meeting with your event team as part of the team’s meeting calendar. If your event planning team is different than your CB Leader team, be sure to include both groups in the debriefing meeting.
  • Share the attendee evaluations with the team prior to the debriefing meeting
  • At the debriefing meeting, cover lessons learned, list your successes and key takeaways from the attendee evaluations.
  • Decide if there is other content that can shared or created from the program for your members- a follow-up posting or blog on your MY AADE NETWORK page from one or several of your speakers; any materials that can posted in the file library on MY AADE NETWORK.
  • Celebrate your team’s success with some type of social event to recognize/reward your team!
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