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Why Should You Join the Member Affiliate Council? What is a MAC Co-facilitator?

Oct 16, 2017

At the annual conference in Indianapolis, the Member Affiliate Council co-facilitators had a table with information that discussed the function of the council, duties of the members of AADE’s co-facilitators, and articles published by co-facilitators members. When members were approached with a request to consider and volunteer to be a co-facilitator, there was always one question that resonated “What is the MAC and what would I need to do if I were a co-facilitator?”

This question brings current co-facilitators back to the time where they were asked to get involved. Many current co-facilitators of MAC have been involved with a local state Coordinating Body (CB), Local Networking Group (LNG), or the Community of Interest (COI) and were interested to dip their toes in the water on the national level. 

MAC Co-facilitators are assigned a week to send out a post that stimulates discussion to have the leaders share their experience. The response is an effort to have leadership share their collective thoughts that may help another state with a challenge. Examples include how states present a continuing education program, address a challenge that local diabetes educators face, or how to handle a budget issue. These not only include state issues, but Federal and local as well. The council has so many experts as members of AADE in leadership positions, that MAC encourages everyone to share. Presently, we have leaders from two COIs and three state CBs participating.

For all current MAC co-facilitators this is an experience. Participation as a MAC co-facilitator allows you to feel the pulse of the diabetes education community. Through posting questions and participating in discussion, MAC co-facilitators learn what is important for leaders of diabetes educator communities nationwide. In addition, you have the chance to learn how other leaders feel about different topics and to sink knee-deep in different issues that diabetes educators are challenged with on a local level.

MAC co-facilitators may come from different backgrounds, but everyone has a common goal to advance the role of diabetes educators. As leaders or aspiring leaders in our local diabetes education community, participating in MAC is an opportunity to move our association forward to share collective expertise and support the leaders of our organization. This is an opportunity that each of the current members of the council recommends to not miss. Becoming a MAC co-facilitator is a chance to make a difference in a complex world of diabetes care.

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