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First Quarter Incentive Qualifiers Coming Up!

Mar 16, 2018

It's time to start revving up for the First Quarter Incentive Program for Coordinating Bodies (CBs), Local Networking Groups (LNGs), and Communities of Interests(COIs). We are continuing the CB, LNG, and COI performance levels, which we first introduced in 2012, and the web badge program, which recognizes those groups that met these level requirements each quarter. This quarter, it could be you!

Check out the CB/LNG Incentive Requirements, and COI Incentive Requirements in the Volunteer Leader Resource Center. We are excited about our 2018 program and hope that this year your CB, LNG, or COI will be one of the first groups to earn a web badge!

Here are a few tips from NY DE's Lower Hudson Valley LNG on how to qualify for the incentive:

At the beginning of 2018, the LNG team meets and assign tasks.

One person is in charge of posting to the calendar.  (For an LNG only one calendar event needs to be added a quarter)

Another team member is in charge of posting two discussions a month.

An example of an announcement/discussion: At the end of the year, we posted an announcement wishing everyone Happy Holidays and introducing the new board members for 2018.

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