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Mar 16, 2018

At the recent 2018 State CB Training Program, our CB attendees heard from Donna Ryan and Chuck Macfarlane on the drivers of change in healthcare and reviewed AADE’s strategies to address them.

If you were not able to join us for this session, we posted a recording of their presentation and I encourage you to take the time to hear how AADE is moving the needle “to empower diabetes educators to expand the horizons of innovation education, management and support.” (Note: If this sounds familiar, I am quoting AADE’s Mission.)

One of the key messages for me was how important it is to align and focus our organization for maximum effectiveness and member value. Included in that alignment is the work of our CBs, LNGs and COIs and their ability to partner and support AADE’s strategic initiatives.

So what can you as a MY AADE NETWORK leader do? Here are some ways we can be stronger together:

  • Develop a 2018 plan for your group that is aligned with AADE’s Strategic Plan
  • Promote AADE’s new technology platform DANA and the current app review
  • Insure that your CB has state grassroots coordinator
  • Planning an education program- advance your members’ knowledge of population health, diversity and technology
  • Communicate any updates from AADE on the Vision for the Profession initiative to your groups’ members

Together, we can accomplish so much!

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