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Are you up to the challenge?

May 15, 2018

Every spring, AADE Coordinating Bodies across the nation hold local events to provide extra continuing education opportunities for local diabetes educators. Members and nonmembers alike attend these events, and for nonmembers this is sometimes their first introduction to AADE.

Because of the incredible impression, your event makes, you convert these nonmembers into new AADE members! We thought it would be fun to create a friendly competition among the CBs to give you even more incentive to recruit new members. Just run your event as normal, and take an extra minute to highlight the benefits of AADE membership to nonmembers.

Here are the stakes:

Spring CB Events: April 1 – June 30

The State CB with the greatest percent increase in new members will win:

  • (2) AADE18 Registrations
  • (1) One-year AADE Membership

Plus bragging rights, of course!

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