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May 15, 2018

During our March 28 CB and LNG briefing call, attendees were introduced to the MY AADE NETWORK Membership Toolkit- designed to assist MY AADE NETWORK leaders in positioning volunteering in the minds of younger leaders.

The Toolkit includes:

  1. Leadership Tips & Tools tip sheet to familiarize MY AADE NETWORK leaders with the characteristics and motivations of volunteers and providing three strategies for engaging young members: Engaging Young Volunteers Leadership Tools
  2. Messaging tip sheet offering sample posts which can be adapted for blogs, discussions, conversation starters. The posts can be used as is, edited or extracted. These are not copyright protected; sources for quotes/research are included. Leaders can also use the messaging and concept to create flyers or use in presentations: Volunteer Sample Posts
  3. Get Involved Sample Engagement Continuum graphic for use in promoting volunteer opportunities. The continuum is set up in a editable MS Word document so leaders may customize: Get Involved Engagement Continuum - template
  4. Volunteer Talent Form (sample) to gather volunteer preferences for members; it is set up as a survey form that can be used manually for phone calls or as an online form: CB-LNG-COI Volunteer Talent Form

Please take a moment to review these resources – especially the Volunteer Talent Form- and share them with your leadership team!

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