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Be Prepared: How to Submit a CE Application for Your Next Education Program

Jul 11, 2018

Submitting a CE application for your education programs is a detailed process. Review the steps below to make sure your next program is eligible for CE!

CE Process

Required documents must be received 45 days prior to the activity’s initial date. AADE cannot accept materials less than 30 days prior to the initial activity. Documents received less than 30 days prior to the activity’s initial date will not be eligible for CE and will be returned.

At least two people must be involved in an education activity, including a Nurse Planner. The Nurse Planner must be a registered nurse who holds a current, unencumbered nursing license (or international equivalent) AND hold a baccalaureate degree or higher in nursing (or international equivalent). If the Nurse Planner has an actual or potential conflict of interest, he or she must recuse himself or herself from the role as Nurse Planner for the educational activity.

All continuing professional education activities addressing diet and nutrition topics must include an RD planner.

The following forms are required when sending in an educational activity for continuing education credit:

  1. Activity planning document: Overall information about your activity. Includes examples.
  2. Bio-COI disclosure form: Must be completed for everyone involved in the activity (coordinator, planners, presenters, etc.)
  3. Copy of promotional material: Every activity must submit a copy of their promotional material with their application for pre-approval
  4. Educational planning table: Live and enduring activities
  5. Evaluation template – Live and enduring activities
  6. Joint-provider agreement (if applicable)
  7. Commercial support agreement (if applicable)
  8. Sponsorship agreement (if applicable)
  9. Encore Request form (if applicable)

The most current documents can always be found on My AADE Network.

When submitting materials for CE programs, please be sure to submit all materials at once. Incomplete applications will not be accepted for review.

After activity materials are received, they are reviewed by AADE staff to make sure all required information is present before going to the peer reviewers. Materials may be sent back to the activity coordinator at the discretion of AADE staff if documents are incomplete or completed incorrectly. Once all materials have been completed correctly, AADE staff assigns a peer review team. The review team is a professional group of volunteer reviewers (nurses, pharmacists and dietitians). The review team will have up to two weeks to complete their review of the activity materials.

Once the review is complete, feedback is sent to the activity coordinator through AADE staff. The activity coordinator will have up to one week to complete any necessary edits or changes to their program.

Once these changes are made, the activity coordinator sends the materials back to AADE staff for one final review before the activity can be provided with continuing education credits. At that time, AADE staff will send the continuing education materials to the activity coordinator and the activity can take place with continuing education credits. The CE materials include the following:

  1. AADE disclosure slide
  2. Summative evaluation template (to be completed by the Nurse Planner)
  3. CE certificate (PDF and DOC)
  4. CE program letters
  5. Sign in sheets – Pharm
  6. Sign in sheets – RN, RD, other
  7. Participant attendance sheet (if applicable)

Any changes in content after initial approval must be communicated to AADE for review and approval in order for the content to be presented. Any changes not sent to AADE for review and approval will not be awarded CE. For change requests, please email AADE to discuss options.

Post activity materials are due to AADE 30 days after the activity’s date. These materials include:

  1. Final copies of handouts/PowerPoint slides
  2. Final copy of promotional material
  3. Participant sign-in sheets for nurses, dietitians and other
  4. Participant sign-in sheets for pharmacists: In order to claim their contact hours, all pharmacists must provide their date of birth (MM/DD) and NABP ePID number on the sign-in sheets.
  5. Summative activity evaluation form: Including open-ended questions and nurse planner review
  6. Participant attendance sheets (if applicable): For attendees to indicate which breakout sessions they attended. Must be completed by each participant.

Please contact Maria Anichini with any questions

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