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Stand Up and Be Counted!

Sep 17, 2018

As health care continues to evolve, your place on the diabetes care team is more important than ever; what you do and the role you serve in your community is vital to the care of people with diabetes.

In order for AADE to effectively advocate on your behalf and strengthen the diabetes education specialty, we need to know more about you! This means having an accurate understanding of your disciplines, practice settings, credentials and demographics. Having this information allows us to better understand your needs as a diabetes educator.

What is a Diabetes Educator Video

Our influence comes from your powerful and compelling data!

Please take a moment to update your membership record, including your profile information, demographics and credentials.

When you update your profile before September 30, we'll enter you into a giveaway to win one of the following:

  • First prize: AADE19 registration, hotel stay for 4 nights and travel to Texas
  • Second prize: AADE19 registration and hotel stay for 4 nights
  • Third prize: AADE19 registration

Please take a moment and update your profile. What you do matters, so stand up and be counted! 

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