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Time to Take Action

Sep 17, 2018

Being a leader in AADE has changed over the years since I have been involved. With all the communication tools we now have to “connect” and get work done, it should be easy. BUT hold your horses! We are all still required to engage and interact! Just as we expect from the clients we work with, we would like our members to take action. Let’s apply some of the same theories and approaches from our practice to get members to update their profile on the MY AADE NETWORK.

I always start my sessions with some questions — don’t you?

  • What brought you here (to the site) today?
  • What were you hoping I could do to help you?
  • What resources do you need to help you be successful at what you want to accomplish?

When you are meeting with a potential new member, discussing what their needs are will help you better direct them to what AADE has to offer. If you had access to a network of specialists who might have the answer to something that you have never seen in your practice, would that be of interest to you?

Let me give you an example. I once met with a new vendor to my area to discuss a product she has that could improve the lives of those with diabetes. She was new to the field of diabetes and was not familiar with all the educators in her territory. How could I help her? And help our members? Get her to join! But what’s in it for her? If she fills out her profile she’s going to be reachable and she can expand her professional network. And what about the resources she will have for her own professional development!

So, how can you get your members to go to the site and update their profile? Bring a computer to your meetings! Have them log in while they are there or walk them through it on their phones. Ask them "What do you need in order to be successful at what you hope to accomplish."

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