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Welcomed Additions to MY AADE NETWORK

Nov 09, 2018

Last month, MY AADE NETWORK added two new communities to the website for our members to join and participate in. One of the site’s most active practice area discussion groups moved up the ranks and became a community of interest (COI), and another practice area group was formed out of a growing need.

Population health was a practice area discussion group that steadily grew into a thriving community and hit the threshold of subscribed members to warrant becoming a new COI. If you had not yet checked out the population health practice group, don't worry. All the great discussions, content and uploaded files were transferred over to the new community of interest area of the site. 

The population health community provides diabetes educators with the opportunity to share approaches for managing populations of people living with diabetes from both diabetes educator and health system perspectives.

Kellie Rodriguez and Joan Olveda will be the leader and co-leader of the community, respectively.

If you would like to go into the new COI or share the link with others, you can find Population Health here: Population Health.

As one practice area discussion group moves up, another moves in. The Quality Coordinators Practice Area is now live and on MY AADE Network. The purpose of this new discussion area is for all DEAP program coordinators (now titled Quality Coordinators) to have a place where they can share ideas and support one another as they work to meet the standards to maintain accreditation. Those with more experience can utilize the discussion forum and build the resource library to help those who are looking for answers and guidance. 

Check out the new Quality Coordinators Practice Area Discussion Group and join in one of the current discussions here: Quality Coordinators.

Both the Population Health COI and the Quality Coordinators Practice Area Discussion Group are live and are hosting active discussions. Be sure to swing by each and join in. While you’re there, subscribe to the community to receive email alerts and notifications. 

We’re excited to see what great resources these two areas of MY AADE NETWORK grow into and become for our members.

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