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Project Vision: What is My Role as a Leader?

May 08, 2019

The MY AADE NETWORK volunteer leaders of AADE converged in Chicago last January. (To my surprise, the weather was somewhat mild for Chicago, although we did get a little snow on the last day.) It was a great meeting, providing valuable information to both new and seasoned AADE leaders. The resources were outstanding! We learned about ourselves, networked with others, and examined the future of our practice. It was wonderful to get to know other leaders and the AADE staff. So, now that we have laid the ground work, what's next?

This week, a letter was sent to all AADE members. It introduced Project Vision and outlined the primary goals and six major strategies that will position us for success. As leaders at AADE, we are charged with the task of making sure that every member who relies on us to lead them is knowledgeable about these goals and initiatives. We need to ensure that we provide the necessary resources to prepare our members for the growth that we will experience as a result of these monumental changes.

As leaders, we are all engaged and familiar with Project Vision. But there are many educators who are not similarly engaged and cannot afford to go to conferences regularly. Not all employers will offset expenses for conference attendance. Some of our members are relying on us to bring our knowledge home to them at the local level. Do you have a plan in place to ensure that your members are knowledgeable? Are you providing a segue for them to become more involved in shaping the future of our practice?  At this pivotal time, it is especially important to inform and engage members, which will then help bring this vision to fruition. Have you heard the saying that the whole is better than the sum of the parts? We have so much talent, knowledge, experience and various perspectives. As strong leaders, we are charged to inform and encourage our members to support the Vision.

Together, we can move AADE and the profession forward. With strategic planning, we can align our groups with the mission and goals for AADE. By developing educational offerings that will sharpen our knowledge base and prepare our members to be the experts in their settings and systems, we can prepare ourselves for a very bright future.

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