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The Offline Meet-Up for Your Online Community

May 16, 2019

The annual conference is right around the corner, as AADE heads to Houston, Texas this year, for AADE19.  The annual meeting provides you, the community volunteers, a few opportunities to stand up and show off what your community is capable of accomplishing.

One opportunity to engage at AADE19 is by submitting an educational poster.  Submit your communities’ poster abstract to AADE and create an educational poster that communicates diabetes concepts and data to the audience by utilizing visual graphics, charts, diagrams and text.  Create your poster around a scientific topic that your online community is passionate about and can represent the important work that your community is striving to achieve.  This is an opportunity to vocalize your interest topic offline and engage in-person with members attending AADE19.

Deadline to submit an abstract is July 1, 2019, so if you haven’t submitted yet, consider doing so soon. To submit to AADE, and for more information on the process and requirements, visit the link here:

A great opportunity to meet your community subscribers face-to-face and attract new subscribers to your COI or CB is the CB and COI Networking Event.  Thursday evening, come and exhibit what your online community is all about.  Register your CB or COI to claim a table at the reception and highlight the personality of your online group to attract and sign up new subscribers, as well as meet up in-person with your current subscribers that are active and engaged in your online discussions already. 

This is a great event to have fun with and decorate your table in a way that best represents what your state network of community of interest embodies.  Bring handouts to distribute and encourage those that aren’t subscribed to sign up and participate online.  You can also visit the MY AADE NETWORK Store if you would like to pick up any giveaways or handouts, or would like to purchase signs and banners.

The CB and COI Networking Event is Thursday, August 8th, at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, Texas Ballroom Salon C, and will run from 5:30-7:00 pm.  To register your community, fill out the registration form found here for COIs and here for CBs, and return them to AADE by June 17th.

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