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Meet Liz Catalano, Member and Volunteer Relations Manager

Jul 09, 2019

Elizabeth CatalanoI am thrilled to have accepted the position of Member and Volunteer Relations Manager here at AADE. I am proud to be part of such a hardworking and enthusiastic team that is so dedicated to serving their membership.

My role will be to oversee state coordinating bodies and local networking group operations. I aim to work closely with volunteer leaders to develop positive relations between AADE and our component groups. I’m excited about all the opportunities to assist volunteers in handling their teams as well as developing and managing the annual leadership training program.

I have worked with associations for over nine years in various capacities ranging from membership engagement to marketing, to event registration and website development.

I’m looking forward to getting more involved with our Coordinating Bodies and Local Networking Groups. I’m eager to see what we can do together to help grow our membership and promote the value and resources of AADE.


Liz Catalano
Member and Volunteer Relations Manager

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  1. Dec 07, 2022

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