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AADE19 Poster Recap

Sep 16, 2019

In a time when clinical therapeutics and technology are revolutionizing care for people with diabetes, yet health outcomes are still stagnant, the time is ripe for diabetes specialists to bridge the gap between digital and clinical therapeutics and help people with diabetes reach improved health outcomes. If the poster session at AADE19 was an indication, diabetes specialists are responding to this need and are introducing new and innovative ideas to bridge this gap and reach vulnerable populations. From education to research, this year’s poster session at AADE showcased the incredible work happening in the diabetes education space.

Friday through Sunday the poster sessions were packed with lively interest from attendees and excited presenters. The posters have evolved over the past few years to become a highlight of innovation at the meeting, and in response AADE put together the inaugural session: Highlights from the Emerging Science Research Posters. The emerging science research posters at the AADE annual meeting have grown to represent a significant opportunity for our members to learn about the latest emerging research in diabetes and diabetes education and we recognize the impact these posters have on both our members and the people with diabetes that our members work with. In response to the feedback we heard from our membership, we dedicated this one-hour education session in Houston to highlight the most pertinent emerging science research posters, including work presented by:

Julie Settles, Lilly USA, on Nasal Versus Injected Glucagon

Michael Bradley, Janssen Scientific, presenting results from the CREDENCE trial

Richard Hellmund, Abbott Diabetes Care, reviewing out of pocket costs for CGM

Molly McElwee-Malloy, Tandem Diabetes Care, presenting outcomes on the use of the Tandem Basal-IQ Technology System

Barbara Eichorst, Voluntis, discussing insulin titration and digital therapuetics into insulin management of type two

Probably the biggest takeaway from this year’s posters sessions was the knowledge that diabetes educators understand the need for motivation and psychosocial research to bridge the gap between therapeutics and health outcomes for people with diabetes. The creative ideas implemented across the US were inspiring to see. Can’t wait to see what next year’s posters bring!

The Annual Conference Planning Committee invites you to submit a proposal to be considered for presentation at next year's meeting in Atlanta. Click here for submission guidelines and deadlines.

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