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There’s a Toolkit for That!

Feb 26, 2020

Those of you that attended the 2020 Leadership Forum should remember Liz Catalano proclaiming, “There’s a toolkit for that” at every opportunity. At National, we have broken down the over 200-page Leader Manual into digestible electronic bites. We have created a Member Engagement, Meeting Logistics, Financials, Rebranding and Succession Planning toolkit – but that is just the beginning! As our future grows and develops and we reinforce different goals such as Member Recruitment, these sections will be updated, new information and new initiatives will be added.

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Who’s Who in the Membership and Volunteer Services Department
Incentive Program Requirements

Mobilizing Volunteers
Advocacy Toolkit
Succession Planning Toolkit

2020 Leadership Forum Resources

Running your Group
Brand Toolkit
Purpose of a Local Networking Group
Purpose of a Coordinating Body
Financial Toolkit

Professional Development Toolkit
Meeting Logistics Toolkit

Member Engagement
Recruitment Toolkit
Engagement Toolkit
Retention Toolkit


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