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Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists and Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: Partnering in Hypoglycemia Education

Mar 06, 2020

Severe hypoglycemia has long been considered a key limiting factor in the management of glycemic control in persons with diabetes. Severe hypoglycemic events are wrought with uncertainty for patients, families and caregivers: What should I do? Am I going to mess up? Are they low “enough” to use glucagon? Diabetes care and education specialists serve a key role in addressing this knowledge gap. In recognition of this, Xeris Pharmaceuticals has collaborated with ADCES members across the country to identify and pursue common objectives in highlighting the importance of hypoglycemia education, including awareness and treatment. 

To support educational efforts, the Xeris Field Medical Affairs team has partnered and collaborated with the ADCES Local Networking Groups (LNG) and State Coordinating Bodies (CB) to discuss hypoglycemia, its challenges and treatment options. The medical team, composed of PharmDs, CDCESs, and PhDs, has presented over 30 educational presentations for ADCES chapters across the country since January 2020. ADCES members have engaged with Xeris Field Medical Affairs for in-office training and clinical discussions. Additionally, some Xeris team members have been nominated to serve as members of LNGs and CBs.

Xeris recognizes the importance of the ADCES in helping to substantially ease the burden of those living with diabetes and looks forward to continuing our collective mutual work in providing exceptional education and resources to the diabetes community. We also encourage ADCES members to partner with the Xeris Field Medical Affairs team to continue identifying educational opportunities for collaboration in hypoglycemia awareness, management and treatment. Regional Medical Affairs Director Team Geography.

Angelo Manifest, PharmD; MidAtlantic Regional Medical Affairs Director

Frank Nagy, PhD; Northeast Regional Medical Affairs Director

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