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Virtual Meeting Toolkit

Jul 01, 2020

In this new era, virtual meetings are now becoming a standard. Use this toolkit to identify specific needs of your Coordinating Body or Local Networking Group Virtual Meeting.


Basic do's and don't's of any virtual meeting are:

  • Do be courteous to other participants.
  • Do speak clearly.
  • Do keep body movement to a minimum.  
  • Do move and gesture slowly and naturally.   
  • Do maintain eye contact by looking into the camera.   
  • Do dress appropriately.   
  • Do make the session animated.
  • Do be yourself and have fun!
  • Don't make distracting sounds.
  • Don't shout.
  • Don't make distracting movements.
  • Don't interrupt other speakers.
  • Don't carry on side conversations.
  • Don't wear "noisy" jewelry.
  • Don't cover the microphone.

Within this kit:

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