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Customizing Your Community Notification Settings on ADCES Connect

Jul 06, 2020
Following the initial launch of ADCES Connect, we changed user’s default notification settings from Immediate email alerts to a Daily Digest email to help mitigate the large amount of emails that members were receiving from ADCES as a whole organization. 

What this means, and what you and your community subscribers may have noticed, is that instead of receiving an email each time a member posts a discussion or replies to an ongoing thread, you should now be receiving one email per community that you are subscribed to in the evening with a compilation of all discussion posts and replies, if any, from each community.  This helps keep your discussions more organized and hopefully your email inbox less congested.  Users can still reply directly to a discussion through these emails just as they were able to with the immediate alerts.

Your settings for the website, however, are yours to customize and control.  If you would like to revert back to an immediate email alert for one or all of the communities you are subscribed to on ADCES Connect, you can do that and tailor your experience to enjoy and use the site how you want. Here are the steps to take to adjust your notification settings to how you want receive them.

From the homepage, log into and navigate to your My Profile area in the top right-hand corner.


 On your My Profile page, locate the My Account tab, and select Community Notifications from the dropdown menu.


On the Community Notifications page, you will see a list of all ADCES Connect communities that you are currently subscribed to.  This includes your state Community Body, any local Networking Groups, COIs, as well as any private admin groups that you have access to as a volunteer leader.  Each one can be customized to the setting that you want for that community.  Your options include Daily Digest, Real Time or No email.  To revert back to immediate emails for any discussion post or reply, select Real Time for the communities that you want to stay most up to date with. 

Another setting on this page is selecting the blue checkbox to the right of each community to receive a Consolidated Weekly Digest.  This is one email set to send out on Sunday evening each week with a complete wrap up of the community that includes not only Discussion posts and Thread replies, but also announcement posts and Blog posts within that specific community.  PLEASE NOTE: if you do select a consolidated weekly digest, be sure to click the slider from Yes to No next to the “Automatically set community discussion emails to "No Email" when a community is added to a consolidated digest.” 

By setting this option to “No,” it will ensure that you still receive the normal community email alerts (real time or daily digest) as well as the weekly consolidated digest email. 


Customizing your settings helps you control your experience with ADCES Connect and helps you manage your leadership for the communities that you are responsible for.  I hope these tips help.  Be on the lookout for more tips to the website in the future.  Feel free to also share these steps with your community members if you would like to make them aware of how they are able to receive alerts from your community the way that they prefer.

If you have not yet watched the videos in the Volunteer Resource Center, I encourage you to view them for more explanation on these types of admin controls that you have access to on ADCES Connect, located in the Administration section at

Kevin Schaefer
Online Community Manager

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