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Nov 06, 2020

The Volunteer Resource Center is the toolbox where you will find the tools you have access to as a volunteer leader with ADCES.  It houses most of the resources listed below in this article, and should be your one stop shop to find what you need to accomplish what you have set out to do in your CB or COI.  We have streamlined it from its original form that lived on the previous member community site, now categorized into three convenient areas- Administrative, Events and Member Engagement.  Each category includes resources and references within them. 

In Administrative you will find policy manuals, COI community leadership tools, financial toolkits, Incentive program lists and How to videos that walk you through ADCES Connect, Coordinating Body page controls, COI site controls, administrative controls and how to update your profile and settings for the website and notifications.

The Events category houses resources on setting up your live and virtual events, forms to fill out for setting up a registration through ADCES staff, professional development toolkits and resources on Continuing Education activity for your events.

The Engagement Category is home to advocacy, engagement, recruitment, and retention toolkits that you have at your disposal

The Volunteer Resource Center lives on ADCES Connect for each volunteer leader to access, and can be found two ways: the direct url-, or by a link that lives on the private leadership admin communities, The National Leader Forum for CB Leaders and The COI Leadership and Administrator Network.

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