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Amy Campbell, RD, CDE


My name is Amy Campbell and I am a dietitian and certified diabetes educator. I currently work in public health in Lexington, Kentucky. I have been working in diabetes for over 7 years.

Kentucky has a strong network of diabetes educators and I work closely with the Kentucky Diabetes Prevention and Control Program and Kentucky Diabetes Network to develop programs for people with or at risk for diabetes at a state level.

For my local AADE chapter, the Kentucky Association of Diabetes Educators (KADE), I worked with web developers to create a highly functional website for our members. I enjoy seeing how technology can benefit both diabetes professionals and patients.

Diabetes is such an interesting field because self-management plays a major role in good blood sugar control. It is really neat when a patient comes back and is excited to share with me how exercising lowers their blood sugar. Those "aha" moments in diabetes education are what make what I do so enjoyable.

Recent Posts:

  • Rising Prices of Insulin

    By Amy Campbell, RD, CDE | May 16, 2017

    Amy Campbell discusses the rising cost of insulin over the past few years, and urges diabetes educators to be patient advocates to help make it a little easier to live with diabetes.

  • Updated Type 2 Diabetes Risk Factors

    By Amy Campbell, RD, CDE | May 03, 2017

    Amy Campbell notes a big change in the new Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes 2017. Read her thoughts and discuss the change.

  • Diabetes Podcasts: Learning by listening

    By Amy Campbell, RD, CDE | Mar 22, 2017

    AADE blogger Amy Campbell is a big fan of podcasts. She regularly listens to a few diabetes-related podcasts. Read which she finds helpful.

  • Low Gluten and Increased Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

    By Amy Campbell, RD, CDE | Mar 17, 2017

    Amy Campbell explores a recent study on low gluten diets and risk of type 2 diabetes, and considers what patients might ask about gluten-free options.

  • Bringing Awareness to Holiday Coffee Traditions

    By Amy Campbell, RD, CDE | Dec 09, 2016

    It's officially the holiday season! And that means those special holiday drinks are back in your favorite coffee shops. AADE blogger Amy Campbell offers tips on making your holiday coffee tradition a bit healthier.

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