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Barbara Walz, RN, BSN, CDE

Barbara Walz

Howdy from San Antonio, Texas. My name is Barbara Walz. I am an RN, BSN and have been a certified diabetes educator since 1986. (Wow! That seems like a really long time…I like to tell people I was in a work/study program in Junior High!) Joking aside, I am very fortunate to have worked extensively for the last 25 years in diabetes care and education.

Since 2000, I have coordinated a multi-site diabetes study examining the macro-vascular effects of diabetes at the South Texas Veterans’ Healthcare System under the supervision of Dr. Ralph DeFronzo. Prior to this project, I was a nurse manager and director of a diabetes center, during which time we had many “firsts” in San Antonio - first patient to be placed on an insulin pump, first patient to receive human insulin, and first patient to use an insulin pen. It was a very exciting time!!

I am actively involved with the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE), where I have held leadership positions at the local, state and national levels. I am also active on several sub-committees at the Texas Diabetes Council. In my private life, I have two sons and enjoying “playing” at my lake house.

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