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Molly McElwee-Malloy, RN, CDE


Molly McElwee-Malloy is the Clinical Services Manager for Tandem Diabetes Care. She previously worked for TypeZero Technologies and UVA's Center for Diabetes Technology. Molly is the chair of the technology workgroup for AADE. She's also active in the diabetes online peer support community: @MollyMacT1D.



Recent Posts:

  • Asking the Choir to Preach: Stand Up Against Diabetes Stigma

    By Molly McElwee-Malloy, RN, CDE | May 22, 2019

    There is a serious psychosocial problem occurring and it’s not something we can let slide. For too long there has been a stereotypical misconception about a person with diabetes (type 2 in particular, but the word is used ubiquitously). People with diabetes often hear that they are in fact at fault for the disease; through poor diet choices, sedentary lifestyle, etc. It’s time for diabetes educators to stand up for the entire diabetes population and disband the ignorance.

  • Missing the Mark

    By Molly McElwee-Malloy, RN, CDE | Mar 25, 2019

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently began considering a new, more relaxed analysis of HbA1C. In this blog, Diabetes Educator Molly McElwee-Malloy discusses the problems this presents for providers and people with diabetes. Check out the discussion and submit your comments to CMS on the situation.

  • Who’s Managing Whom?

    By Molly McElwee-Malloy, RN, CDE | Feb 19, 2019

    Since diabetes is a 24/7/365 task, people are always looking for something to reduce their burden and maintain balance in life. Tech tools offer such a solution, but Molly McElwee Malloy wants you to know that just because a technology exists, does not mean that it’s amazing or even good. Educators really need to consider the benefits before recommending a tech tool.

  • Reflections on Volunteerism

    By Molly McElwee-Malloy, RN, CDE | Dec 14, 2018

    It’s that time of year again, when we take a moment to reflect on what 2018 has meant to us and all the wonderful people who were a part of it. For me, 2018 was stellar and one of the reasons why is that I got to see DANA launched.

  • Caulking the Cracks in Diabetes Care for Adolescents

    By Molly McElwee-Malloy, RN, CDE | Nov 01, 2018

    Adolescents reading
    Preparing for the transition from adolescence to adulthood with diabetes is something most parents fear and most clinicians are ill-prepared for. Molly McElwee-Malloy shares her thoughts on how diabetes educators can caulk the gap in diabetes care for adolescents.

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