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Perspectives on Diabetes Care is the official blog of the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists. It features practical tips, the latest research and viewpoints from leading diabetes care and education specialists on issues facing the diabetes care team and those they serve.
  • New Year’s Resolution Not Go as Planned? Now What?

    By ADCES Perspectives on Diabetes Care | Jan 13, 2020

    We’re a few weeks into 2020 and that means a majority of your clients who had a New Year’s resolution have not succeeded as planned. This is an excellent time to work with your clients to get back on track and rethink goals, to create those that work for their lifestyle. Here are 5 tips you can with your clients to make sure goals are realistic and attainable.

  • A Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis: Overcoming Shame and Stigma

    By ADCES Perspectives on Diabetes Care | Jan 07, 2020

    Before making any assumptions about people with diabetes, healthcare providers need to take a step back and truly evaluate the person sitting in front of them. Providers need to be careful not to come across as judgmental when making the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes or in providing care. Learn more in this quick case study for a person-centered approach.

  • 12 Tips to Help You Meet Your New Year's Exercise Goals Today

    By ADCES Perspectives on Diabetes Care | Dec 31, 2019

    Here are 12 tips to help maximize your chance of being successful at sticking to your exercise program. If you are a diabetes care and education specialist, print this out and talk through it with clients who might be considering exercise goals.

  • The New and Improved Nutrition Facts Label: What You Need to Know

    By ADCES Perspectives on Diabetes Care | Dec 23, 2019

    The new Nutrition Facts label reflects current evidence and science, including the link between diet and chronic diseases. This updated tool will help your clients with diabetes more easily identify food choices that work (and don’t work) for them. Here are 5 key changes you need to know.

  • The Collaboration Between AADE and Peer Support Communities: A Look Back, Then Forward

    By ADCES Perspectives on Diabetes Care | Dec 16, 2019

    Diabetes care and education specialist and peer support advocate Hope Warshaw summarizes the major milestones that have transpired over the eight years of AADE’s collaboration with peer support communities and how this collaboration is moving forward in 2020.

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