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Perspectives on Diabetes Care

  • Recent Updates in the World of Evidence-Based Medicine

    By Jennifer N. Clements, PharmD, BCPS, CDE, BCACP | Apr 09, 2019

    In this blog, Jennifer Clements shares some recent updates made to recommendations and guidelines in clinical management and the evidence-based findings that motivated the changes.

  • Embrace Technology — It Will Transform Your Patients’ Lives and Modernize Your Practice

    By AADE Perspectives on Diabetes Care | Apr 04, 2019

    AADE President Elect Kellie Antinori-Lent, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC, BC-ADM, CDE, FAADE, reminds us that technology is revolutionizing the work we do and encourages us to embrace it in order to transform our patients’ lives and modernize our practice. Learn from the work she’s doing in her own hospital system.

  • 6 Brain-Boosting Recommendations for People With Diabetes

    By AADE Perspectives on Diabetes Care | Apr 02, 2019

    Model of skull and brain
    Brain health is essential to our day-to-day activities. As our body ages, so does our brain. While blood glucose is the main source of energy for the brain, too much or too little blood sugar can cause changes within the brain. Higher glucose levels place people with diabetes (PWDs) at risk of having a stroke and/or developing dementia.

  • New Clinician Resource: Insulin Cost-Savings Guide

    By AADE Perspectives on Diabetes Care | Mar 28, 2019

    Insulin is a life sustaining medication for all people with type 1 diabetes and many people with type 2 diabetes, although its high price tag makes it seem like a luxury. Fortunately, AADE's Pharmacy Community of Interest (COI) started an Insulin Affordability Task Force and has published an insulin cost-savings resource guide.

  • Missing the Mark

    By Molly McElwee-Malloy, RN, CDE | Mar 25, 2019

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently began considering a new, more relaxed analysis of HbA1C. In this blog, Diabetes Educator Molly McElwee-Malloy discusses the problems this presents for providers and people with diabetes. Check out the discussion and submit your comments to CMS on the situation.

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