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Volunteer Leader Newsletter

Celebrating the Past Year/Looking Forward to the Future

By: Nadine Merker, Director of Member and Volunteer Engagement

With our December 2015 and January 2016 Volunteer Leader Newsletter being a combined issue, I would like to continue the practice I started a few years ago of celebrating your accomplishments for 2015, and sharing our future plans- for 2016! 


Rev up for the 2016 Incentive Program!

We are pleased to announce the 2016 Incentive Program for Coordinating Bodies, Local Networking Groups, and Communities of Interest. We are continuing the CB, LNG, and COI performance levels which we first introduced in 2012 and the web badge program which recognizes those groups which achieved these levels each quarter.

Last Call for MAC Co-Facilitators

RaiseYourHandThis is your last call to "Raise Your Hand" and volunteer to be part of the 2016 MAC Co-Facilitator Volunteer Team.

If you are interested, please visit out Coordinating Body (CB) and Local Networking Group (LNG) Leader announcement page to learn more. 

Reminder: ​$1 For Your Great Idea

Money_200A Penny for Your Thought - oh not in this economy.

At the 2016 State Coordinating Body Training, AADE will be willing to offer you “One Dollar for Your Idea”!


Step Up and Step Forward for an AADE Leadership Position!

By: Deborah Greenwood, PhD, RN, BC-ADM, CDE, FAADE

AADE is committed to shaping the future of diabetes education in the evolving healthcare environment, and it begins with ensuring that strong leaders are in place. I truly believe that the future is now. We have a powerful opportunity to direct our profession and the future of diabetes educators than we do right now!

Have you considered serving our organization, and thereby serving all diabetes educators around the country? AADE’s Board of Directors is comprised of strong leaders who set the strategic direction and vision of our organization.

Who is Talking for You and Your Patients?

By: Kurt Anderson, Director of Federal and State Advocacy

AdvocacyIn the prior edition of this publication, AADE Advocacy Administrative Coordinator Melissa Akinlawon wrote about a very important issue: Coordinating Body (CB) leaders filling the position of State Grassroots Coordinator (SGC). I’d like to stress again what an important role the SGC is for AADE, your CB our practice and our patients.

​Are You a Candidate for a 2016 AADE Award?

AADE Awards 2016

It's time to apply or nominate a colleague for a 2016 AADE Award!

Each year during the AADE Annual Meeting & Exhibition, we recognize excellence in diabetes education and service to the association and the larger diabetes community. AADE offers a variety of awards to celebrate those individuals who have gone above and beyond.

Adding Learning Outcome(s) Statement to CE Application

By: Nancy Stonis, MJ, BSN, RN, AADE Practice Manager of Accreditation

Nancy Stonis_PictureVolNews_JulyYou might notice a slight change to the 2016 Continuing Education Application. The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) has made a change to the CE application in an effort to create programs that can demonstrate what the learner has learned. They are removing the “Purpose” statement from the educational planning table and replacing it with Learning Outcome statement(s) and the area of impact (nursing professional development, patient outcome, or other). Learning Objectives will need to be developed for each program as that is criterion for pharmacy and dietitians.

New Diabetes Curriculum, 2nd Edition Available!

DiabetesCirriculum_VolNews2015_CroppedFirst published in 2009 the AADE Diabetes Education Curriculum has been a core practice resource for diabetes educators.

Based on the AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors, the AADE Diabetes Education Curriculum 2nd Edition. contains an implementation guide and 8 instructional modules. The curriculum implementation guide includes standards for outcomes measurement of DSME, an overview of adult learning theory and behavior change theories.

Coming In 2016: A New Look for MY AADE NETWORK

By: John Tyler, Web & Digital Content Manager


Work is under way to bring a new look and feel to MY AADE NETWORK in early 2016! In partnership with our website developer, AADE will soon provide members with one of the biggest and most important updates to the MY AADE NETWORK website ever: a brand new, re-designed from top-to-bottom User Interface (UI). This new UI will provide a modern web experience for administrators and everyday users.

What's Coming in 2016

MY AADE NETWORK Manuals - Newly Revised!

January 4th - Updated Coordinating Body, Local Networking Group, and Communities of Interest Leadership Manuals will be posted in My AADE NETWORK.


December 2015/January 2016

CB and LNG Store



Member Affiliates Liaison to the Board

Kellie Antinori-Lent

Member Affiliates Council

Richard Arena
New York CB

Mary Jean Christian
California CB

Chris Memering
Inpatient Management COI

Marilyn Novosel
North Carolina CB

Kendall Smith
Plant Based Nutrition COI

AADE Staff

Nadine Merker
Director, Member and Volunteer Engagement

Patricia Mangano
Manager, Volunteer Engagement

John Tyler
Manager, Web and Digital Content

Carlita Gay
Coordinator, Volunteer Engagement 


Important Dates: 
(All times CST)

All Volunteer Leaders
2016 State Coordinating Body Training Program
January 8 and 9 

Spring Audio
April 8 @ 12pm

CB and LNG Leaders:
Briefing Call
February 4 @ 12pm

Briefing Call
March 18 @ 12pm

Briefing Call
June 10 @ 12pm

MAC Co-Facilitators:
Quarterly Call
January 28 @ 11am

Quarterly Call
May 20 @ 11am

COI Leaders:
Quarterly Call 
February 11 @ 11am

Quarterly Call
June 17 @ 11am