Volunteer Leader Newsletter

Celebrating the Past Year/Looking Forward to the Future

By: Nadine Merker, Director of Member and Volunteer Engagement


With our December, 2016 and January, 2017 Volunteer Leader Newsletter being a combined issue, I would like to continue the practice I started a few years ago of celebrating your accomplishments (for 2016) and sharing our future plans for 2017!

In 2016 MY AADE NETWORK highlights include:

  • CBs and LNGs held close to 300 local education programs using MY AADE NETWORK
  • More robust and engaging discussions by our volunteer leaders on both the National Leaders Forum and COI Leaders and Administrators Forum
  • A very well attended and successful combined Coordinating Body and COI Networking Reception at the San Diego Annual Meeting- largest participation in this event by COIs to date!
  • Increased sharing at the new 2016 State Coordinating Body Training Program by volunteer leaders of suggestions and tips that worked for in their CBs and LNGs that created engagement and excitement
  • Participation and on-going contributions by our fifth Member Affiliates Council (MAC) Co-facilitators in MY AADE NETWORK leader activities and events

Pati, Cindy, John and I want to thank you for all your work to make these 2016 highlights happen and to let you know how grateful we feel to be able to work with such passionate and committee volunteers.

Now for 2017... we are setting our New Year’s resolutions now and on our list are:

  • Sharpen our tools and resources to support you in your MY AADE NETWORK leadership role which includes adding additional calls on managing your CB finances for our CB leaders
  • Find new ways to engage AADE members with the MY AADE NETWORK site: a new look in 2017 at our COI entry page to make it easier for members to access the COI that they are looking for
  • Share new volunteer recruitment tips

And finally, one of the real joys of the holiday season is the opportunity to say thank YOU and to wish you the very best for the New Year!

LNG Incentive Winner Has a Few Tips on How to Achieve Your Incentive Goals

By: Joanne Greene, RN, CDE

200On September 10, 2016 the New York Diabetes Educators of the Lower Hudson Valley (NYDELHV) LNG held its first conference titled NYDELHV Diabetes Update and Exhibit. We offered 6 CEUs and had 3 wonderful speakers. Seventy participants attended as well as 10 corporate sponsors.

Since this was a first for our group, we asked the AADE event planner for help. First I watched a module on line about how to begin the process of advertising this half day education program and how to register participants, then with the help of Cindy Wilson, I called for assistance in filling out the event form on line. They provided a daily schedule of who had registered on line as an AADE member, Non-member, Student, or Vendor. It was easy for all who attended to go to the link AADE provided and register and pay on line with a credit card or mail in a check directly to them. This made it easier as no one in our LNG had to worry about receiving payments. AADE was available daily by email or phone to answer any questions we had during the registration process.

The NYDELHV calendar on MY AADE NETWORK was where we advertised our event to NYDELHV members, and we also used the New York State discussion forum on MY AADE NETWORK to advertise the event to all NY diabetes educators.

Thanks to AADE’s help in using MY AADE NETWORK, our LNG met the LNG incentive award and we were entered into a drawing. Our LNG was picked and we received a beautiful NYDELHV banner which we now bring to all our meetings and conferences. To meet the incentives to be eligible for the drawing, we have to have our leadership in place, have at least one meeting (activity) per quarter, have 2 discussions on MY AADE NETWORK per month and post our activities on the calendar at the bottom of the page under NYDELHV calendar.

We look forward to working with AADE for future programs!

2017 Incentive Program

LNG incentive Badge

We are continuing the CB and LNG performance levels which we first introduced in 2012 and the web badge program which recognizes those groups which achieved these levels each quarter.

For the Coordinating Body

  • Put CB Leadership Team in place and submitted team names to AADE
  • Web Administrator completed MY AADE NETWORK Training
  • Have a representative at the annual State Coordinating Body Training Program (First Quarter)
  • Updated blog (Latest News) with an entry at least each month
  • Hosted an average of 2 Discussions or Announcements on MY AADE NETWORK per month
  • Participation in the Annual Meeting CB Networking Reception (Third Quarter)

For the LNG

  • Put leadership team in place and shared with CB Team
  • Hold and add to LNG calendar 1 or more activities per quarter (Sponsored, Participated, Coordinated)
  • Hosted an average of 2 discussions on MY AADE NETWORK per month

Groups recognized for meeting these performance levels:
Each CB will receive a web badge that they can post on their state page. Each LNG will receive a web badge that would appear next to their listing on the state home page. These badges can be posted as soon as your CB or LNG meets the requirements.

Rewards for the CB and LNG:
At the conclusion of each quarter, AADE will enter the names of LNGs and CBs that have met the performance levels mentioned earlier

  • Two CBs will be drawn and each will receive a $200 credit towards the 2017 Annual Meeting registration or a $200 credit towards merchandise at the MY AADE NETWORK CB and LNG Store. Also, each CB will receive a meeting room they can use at the 2017 Annual Meeting.
  • Two LNGs will be drawn and each will receive a $200 credit towards the 2017 Annual Meeting registration or a $200 credit towards merchandise at the MY AADE NETWORK CB and LNG Store.

Every quarter, if your group meets the requirements, the CB or LNG will be entered in the drawing.

AADE will be doing the tracking for your CBs and LNGs – we want to make this program easy for your group to participate in!

We are excited about our 2017 program and hope that this year your CB or LNG will be one of the first groups to earn a web badge!

When Opportunity Knocks, Is Your Advocacy Elevator Speech Ready?

By: Nancy Trebilcock, BSN, RN, CDE, Missouri CB Web Admin

opportunity knocking

As Educators, we can be the premier, credible source of information for those who can most impact any/all of us with health-related legislation, whether it is on a Federal or State level. There are some key materials that should be electronically stored to be readily accessed when needed. There are also resources provided by partnering with the Advocacy Office of AADE.

Opportunities to share diabetes-related concerns with Legislators can arise unexpectedly. This occurred for me when our Home Owners Association posted a sign on the clubhouse marquee, that our local State Representative was hosting an open Forum that same evening. Luckily, I was able to attend that Forum, with even only a few hours notice.

The Missouri CB sponsored a Professional Education Program this Fall and had the good fortune of having Kurt Anderson, Director of Federal and State Advocacy at AADE, be a speaker. Because of his participation in our event, the Staff of the Advocacy Office placed several items of legislative info, pertinent to our State, into our State Files section, of the Missouri Home page, including the State’s Diabetes Action Plan (DAP); does your State have one? Because I had previously accessed many pieces of information from various areas of both the AADE (diabetes.org), as well as the Missouri State home page files of the MY AADE NETWORK, I had documents I could print and place into a (red) folder, as well as adding my business card. You can also access data from your State Health Department, the ADA, and the CDC.

One of the items I presented was information related to diabetes prevalence in our state and its impact on our state Medicaid dollars. I included statistics on State prevalence & occurrence rates by County and by age group (diabetesbarometer-us.com). The majority of the data I shared was statistics and projections of diabetes related costs to our State: Diabetes-2025-State-Summary, from altfutures.org/diabetes2025 & novonordisk.com; and a State Brief that includes data of the Institute for Alternative Futures (projections thru the year 2030), from diabetesbarometer-us.com. These documents help to bring personal and pertinent data to the forefront.

Additionally, I contacted Kurt Anderson for statistical information related to the specific District of the State Representative. You can email Kurt at kanderson@aadenet.org. The time frame did not allow for Kurt to garner information in time for the Forum meeting, but provided a great resource for a follow-up contact with the Representative later in the week. My follow-up note mentioned appreciation of meeting his constituents, and for the opportunity to share information regarding diabetes, diabetes education, and diabetes statistics/impact in our State. I also included a reminder that I left a red folder with him to review data. Other items noted in my follow-up notice were offering to continue the dialogue regarding any/all of the data presented, as well as encouraging him to share concerns with Legislative Colleagues on a State and Federal level.

So utilize the resources afforded by your AADE Membership: www.diabeteseducator.org >>hover over the PRACTICE tab >>Practice Documents, Practice Advisories, Position Statements, etc..;hover over the ADVOCACY tab >> Legislative Action Center, Federal Legislation, State Legislation,, Policy Positions & statements, and Tools & Resources.

Gather as much data as you can ahead of time and you can deliver your message in whatever time frame is allotted to you, even with only a few hours notice.

Workforce Training

By: Magen Lapointe, Webinars and Workforce Training Manager

MagenHealthcare facilities, state and local departments of public health, and other professional healthcare groups often seek out training opportunities to offer their staff. In response to those needs, AADE offers workforce training and development in the areas of diabetes prevention and diabetes self-management education and services. We provide group access to existing AADE education, and can even tailor combinations to meet your needs.

Distance learning: group access to live and recorded webinars, as well as online courses; AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors Online Series Facility Training Package

AADE will work with you to identify your organization’s training needs and implement the educational offerings that fit best. Request more information at www.diabeteseducator.org/workforce.

AADE DPP Expanding Diabetes Prevention Services

AADE has been working with CDC since 2012 to develop and scale the AADE DPP model of delivering the National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) within accredited/recognized DSME programs. This model has proven quite successful. Therefore, in 2017, we will offer the following opportunities for DSME programs and diabetes educators to become more involved in the prevention space to support programs as they become recognized and reimbursable DPP providers.

How can you get involved in Diabetes Prevention? AADE is offering a variety of Workshops and Training throughout 2017:

  • Building Your Diabetes Education and Prevention Fundamentals Workshop: This workshop will help you understand the essential elements required for a comprehensive DSME and CDC Recognized Diabetes Prevention Program.
  • Reimbursement Boot Camp: This session will be geared towards policies and procedures, coverage, billable services, marketing to payers, and recruitment of participants that have DSME/DPP as a covered benefit- both employer, private insurers and public payers (Medicare and Medicaid).
  • AADE DPP Lifestyle Coach Training: As a CDC-approved Training Entity, AADE offers a Lifestyle Coach Training to provide attendees with the knowledge, skills and ability to deliver the PreventT2 curriculum- the approved CDC curriculum for the National DPP.

Opportunity for additional and ongoing support for DPP programs

The “AADE DPP Network” is launching in 2017! We are offering qualifying programs the opportunity to apply to be part of our “AADE DPP Network,” which will give you access to tools and resources, marketing templates, educational opportunities, and payer opportunities. We will also give organizations the option to access a web-based performance database platform specifically for DPP data entry, providing real-time analytics and CDC Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program reports, as well as access to specific coverage information and guidance. All tools and materials are developed to provide programs with the necessary components to maintain a successful CDC-recognized program and MDPP Supplier program.

Look for more information and pricing to come in early 2017.

It's Time to Apply or Nominate a Colleague for a 2017 AADE Award


Each year during the AADE Annual Meeting & Exhibition, we recognize excellence in diabetes education and service to the association and the larger diabetes community. AADE offers a variety of awards to celebrate those individuals who have gone above and beyond.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Recognizes an individual who exemplifies the proud history of diabetes education and serves as extraordinary role model. A $5,000 donation is made to the AADE Foundation in honor of the recipient.

Allene Van Son Distinguished Service Award
Recognizes outstanding contributions and service to this association in honor of the first AADE president. The recipient receives an award of $5,000.

Diabetes Educator of the Year Award
Honors a diabetes educator who has made a special contribution to the field through dedication and innovation in patient care. This award is given for the next consecutive year. The recipient receives an award of $5,000 plus a $10,000 travel grant towards the delivery of educational programs.

Innovative Use of Media and Technology Award
This award supports the innovative use of media and technology to advance diabetes self-management education and training. The project submitted should have significantly improved self-management among individual patient practices or broad diabetes populations. The recipient will receive complimentary registration to the AADE Annual Meeting & Exhibition for the next consecutive year.

Rising Star Award
This award recognizes a diabetes educator who has less than three years of diabetes education experience and has demonstrated leadership and commitment in his or her practice. The recipient receives a one-year AADE membership, complimentary registration to the AADE Annual Meeting & Exhibition and $300 worth of additional AADE products and services.

2017 AADE/CWD Friends for Life Fellowship

This award is to provide an opportunity to an early careerist diabetes educator, to learn about Type 1 diabetes from the perspective of the patient, family and caregiver.

Do you or someone you know exemplify the qualities for one of these awards? Get more information and start preparing your application today.

Let’s Make A Deal – You Give Us an Idea and We Give You A Dollar!


Share one idea that you feel has been instrumental in moving your CB or LNG forward. You are actually going to get paid $1 for sharing an idea with the group during the Saturday program.

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