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Are You Asking The Right Questions??

By: Nadine Merker, Director of Member and Volunteer Engagement

We often hear from our MY AADE NETWORK leaders that they wonder why there is a lack of response by members to their discussion postings. 

I recently read a blog article regarding online community management on how to ask questions that will get people engaged. 


Tips and Resources for a Successful 2016 Volunteer Year!

By: Chris Memering, BSN, RN, CDE, SANE, and Member Affiliates Liaison to the AADE Board of Directors


ChrisMemering2Good New Volunteer Year to you all!!! I am so excited to be stepping into the role of the Member Affiliates Liaison to the Board of Directors for AADE and very proud to have been elected to this position by all of you.

A brief introduction, and then I want to my top ten tips for resources as a volunteer leader.  I have been the Coordinating Body (CB) Chair for North Carolina for the past 4 years and last year was the lead for the Inpatient Management Community of Interest (COI).  

A Buck for Your Ideas 

Money_200Ideas, passion, and enthusiasm were shared at the 2016 State Coordinating Body Training session 'A Buck for Your Ideas'!  This was volunteer leaders' time to share tips (and receive $1 for doing so) on affiliated group management, member engagement and communication, and educational program planning.    


What's All the Big Hype about Attending AADE16, Annual Meeting?

By: Tammi Boiko, MSN, RN, CDE, AADE16 Annual Meeting Chair

TammiBoiko_Original - 125

 Each year, thousands of diabetes educators from around the country attend the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) Annual Meeting and Exhibition.  We share the same goals: to learn about the newest and greatest in the world of diabetes through presentations and hand-on experience with products in the exhibit hall.  In addition to our learning time, we meet up with friends from all over the US!


Recognizing Your Volunteers and Staying Compliant with IRS Guidelines

By: Brad Neal, Chief Financial Officer

BradNeal_VolNewsPicMany CBs and LNGs could not accomplish everything they do without the help of volunteers.  Of course you want to recognize and reward them for all they do for your organization.

CB and LNG Leaders are often looking for different ways to reward their volunteers for their services.  There is no problem when a volunteer is given rewards of nominal values such as free food and drink at a thank you party or certificate of appreciation.  However, more substantial rewards could result in taxable income to the volunteers.  


Twitter for CBs

Heather_VolNewsPic_125Social media is an increasingly useful tool to connect with and inform people.  Twitter is a pretty easy platform to use because it is so simple.  It relies on a basic format that looks almost identical whether the use is on a desktop or on a mobile device.  

For more information on Twitter terms used below, check out Twitter's glossary.  




First Quarter Incentive Qualifiers...It Could Be You

​It's time to start revving up for the 1st Quarter Incentive Program for Coordinating Bodies (CBs), Local Networking Groups (LNGs), and Communities of Interests(COIs)! We are continuing the CB, LNG, and COI performance levels which we first introduced in 2012 and the web badge program which recognizes those groups which met these level requirements each quarter.  This quarter, it could be you.


Thank You to 2015 MAC Co-Facilitators and Congratulations to the 2016 MAC Co-Facilitators

MAC_2016_150A special thank you goes out to the 2015 MAC Co-Facilitators representing the state Coordinating Bodies:

  • Richard Arena
  • Mary Jean Christian
  • Marilyn Novosel


Help Your Friends Warm Up to AADE This Winter

Provide your colleagues a warm welcome to AADE this winter by encouraging them to join you as a member.  Ensure your colleagues enjoy the same access to free CE, patient resources and a network of more than 14,000 diabetes educators.  

Refer them to join AADE and you may win one of five free memberships being awarded during the Winter Member Referral Contest.  To enter, simply refer a friend or colleague by completing this brief online form.  Once your referral joins AADE, you'll automatically be entered into the drawing for a free membership.

More than 150 members referred members in 2015.  Add your name to the list and join them as AADE Membership Champions in 2016.  

​Are You a Candidate for a 2016 AADE Award?

AADE Awards 2016
It's time to apply or nominate a colleague for a 2016 AADE Award!

Each year during the AADE Annual Meeting & Exhibition, we recognize excellence in diabetes education and service to the association and the larger diabetes community. AADE offers a variety of awards to celebrate those individuals who have gone above and beyond.



Time is Running Out - Designate Your State Grassroots Coordinator Today

AdvocacyThe position of the State Grassroots Coordinator (SGC) is one of the most important positions within any Coordinating Body.

Why? - Because the SGC is the voice of your CB in your state for public policy discussions, legislative affairs and other issues of importance.  If you don't have a SGC in your state, the voice of diabetes educators on important issues will be harder to hear. 


A New Look and Feel to My AADE Network - Coming Soon

MY AADE NETWORK LogoWork is under way to bring a new look and feel to MY AADE NETWORK within the next few months! In partnership with our website developer, AADE will soon provide members with one of the biggest and most important updates to the MY AADE NETWORK website ever: a brand new, re-designed from top-to-bottom User Interface (UI). This new UI will provide a modern web experience for administrators and everyday users.

Upcoming Events in 2016

Volunteer Leader Resource Center - Updated!

February 1st - Updated Materials in the Volunteer Leader Resource Center of My AADE NETWORK

Leadership Development for CB, LNG and COI Leaders – 11:00 a.m. Central Time




February 2016

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Chris Memering

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New York CB

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