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Are You Asking The Right Questions??

By: Nadine Merker, Director of Member and Volunteer Engagement

We often hear from our MY AADE NETWORK leaders that they wonder why there is a lack of response by members to their discussion postings. 

I recently read a blog article regarding online community management on how to ask questions that will get people engaged.  Here are some of their suggestions:

Engagement Driver #1) What Are People Doing? (Good for CBs and LNG postings)

  • What are you working on now?
  • Do you have any upcoming events?
  • What are you spending your time on now?

Engagement Driver #2) What Are People Thinking? (Knowledge questions - Good for COI postings)

  • What books have you read?
  • What have you learned recently?
  • What are your predictions for the future?

Engagement Driver #3) What Are People Feeling? (Good for CB, LNG, or COI)

  • What do you like/dislike about....?​
  • What do you think about....?

Engagement Driver #4) What Are People Fearing? (Good for CB, LNG, or COI)

  • What are you worried about?
  • What are you struggling with?
  • What is your biggest challenge?

The answers to the questions will give you a greater insight into what your members care about and what their challenges are.  Then you can focus on the discussion topics that members will respond to!

Hope you will start today and try asking your CB, LNG, or COI these engagement driver questions!​

Tips and Resources for a Successful 2016 Volunteer Year!

By: Chris Memering, BSN, RN, CDE, SANE, and Member Affiliates Liaison to the AADE Board of Directors


ChrisMemering2Good New Volunteer Year to you all!!! I am so excited to be stepping into the role of the Member Affiliates Liaison to the Board of Directors for AADE and very proud to have been elected to this position by all of you.

A brief introduction, and then I want to my top ten tips for resources as a volunteer leader.  I have been the Coordinating Body (CB) Chair for North Carolina for the past 4 years and last year was the lead for the Inpatient Management Community of Interest (COI).  Prior to all that, I was active in my chapter and through its transition to a Local Networking Group (LNG) and I continue to help with our Annual Education Day.  I have been an Inpatient Diabetes Educator since November of 2007 (when we went live with CERNER) and a CDE since June of 2010.  I am a wife and a mother to 2 kids; Zabby (my gymnast) is 10 and Zane (my newly diagnosed ADHD) is 6.  So I know how the thought of being a volunteer leader can be daunting, but it can be done and can be so rewarding.  And please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or need to just bend an ear.  

My goal today is to share some resources that I wish I had known about sooner or at least better understood their value in making the role as a Coordinating Body leader easier.  If any of these seem new or unfamiliar to you, I will try and include the links to help you out.  Are you ready?

Number 1

As you step into our role, wouldn't it be nice if there was an overview of what to expect throughout the year?

Turns out you can find all the details and forms, and the incentive program just by heading over to the Nationwide Leaders files in MY AADE NETWORK*.  Among the resources is the the volunteer leader's bible:MY AADE NETWORK CB and LNG Leader Manual and the COI Leader Manual, which by the way, has been newly revised and released last month.  And here's something that I learned and have used: if you don't see what you need, ASK! Post a note on the Leaders Discussions to talk to the CB/LNG leaders, the COI Leadership Discussions, or reach out to staff.  I'll get back to staff in just a few minutes. 

*If you do not have access to these files, please let AADE know.

Number 2

I've gotten so used to using how-to videos. My husband event saved us a ton of money fixing our washing matching with a YouTube video. Did you know that we have our own selection of videos on MY AADE NETWORK? Do you know how to run a member report or a member engagement report? Wondering how to post a discussion thread or edit your state page header? My number 2 is on the on-demand videos that show all! 

Number 3

This is always my favorite piece of advice: you don't have to reinvent the wheel.  It is quite possible that what you need you can find tapping the Volunteer Resource Center on MY AADE NETWORK.  Do you notice a theme here? Now the Volunteer Resource Center is a first stop for me. 

Number 4

I wish I had realized earlier that I could add this and other key resources to 'My Links' and 'Favorites' on my profile.  This streamlines finding my resources.  So, my number 4 is setting up links and Favorites (see picture below).


Number 5

Block in your calendar now for the 2016 leadership development calls and Leader Briefings.  While you can't always hold the date (I missed the first one), getting these dates on your calendar early makes it more likely you will be able to attend.  And they are worth the time because AADE shares valuable tips and updates.  The dates are listed in the Volunteer Leader Newsletter.  By the way, if you do miss them, they are recorded and you can go back and list.  And new this year, the Briefings will be topic specific and this are being held more in the beginning of the year.  February's was on finances and meeting contracts.  

Number 6

And speaking of the Volunteer Leader Newsletter, that is next on my list.  I missed an issue or two because I did not notice this in my email.  I get a lot of emails that boards on junk, from other organizations (no idea how I got on their email lists), but not this monthly email.  Once I begain reading it, I realized that each month I'm getting ideas, tips, and tricks for using the MY AADE NETWORK, and more.  Don't despair, you can see past copies on the website! Check out my article on Power of the Get-To-Know-You Questions on Social Media in the September 2015 issue.  

Number 7

When I first got started, I knew I was connected to my colleagues, but didn't really understand that I was joining a really connected network of leaders.  We are not alone. As a local leader, you have access to AADE Board Liaisons and of course the Member Affiliate Council. And all of us in these national roles are ready and willing to help you – so reach out to us. You can meet us at different events such as the National Annual Meeting, CB Leadership Conference, and find our contact information on the website.  Also, along the side of the Volunteer Leader Newsletter, resides the contact information for myself, the Member Affiliates Council members, and key staff.
And don’t forget, just because you are a CB Leader or a COI Leader, doesn’t mean we are oil and water.  We mix well.  Tap into each other for content!  I love looking at the blogs from other areas.  You may just find a great recommendation on speakers and resources.  We are a team.

Number 8

I am so excited about this one.  How many people are getting 18 Oriental Trading Catalogues from ordering items for events last year?  No more!  Now available!  The MY AADE NETWORK CB and LNG Store!  This convenient, shopping site for makes it easier for leaders to order products for upcoming programs and events. And you don’t have to use your own credit card. Your order will be billed directly to your CB or LNG AADE account.  And COI Leaders, don’t despair with the incentive program, you have the chance to win money to go spend at the store too!!

Number 9

The Volunteer Engagement Staff at AADE. Don’t you love their team name? It has us – Volunteer – in it and a promise – Engagement. 

Your go-to team is:
For any financial matters – Pati Mangano
Hotel contracts – Jackie Bellan & the meeting staff
Advocacy – Kurt Anderson & Melissa Akinlawon
MY AADE NETWORK – Carlita Gay and John Tyler
Anything else – Nadine Merker

Number 10

And last but not least, your previous volunteer leaders.  We’ve been there.  We know.  And I promise we aren’t going to leave you hanging.  Please feel free to reach out to me, and as I tell Joint Commission, if I don’t know, I probably know where to find it or who will know and I will steer you in the right direction.
Thanks for sharing your talents and becoming (or continuing as) a volunteer leader.  We have such a great organization and a key to that greatness is you.  


A Buck for Your Ideas 

Money_200Ideas, passion, and enthusiasm were shared at the 2016 State Coordinating Body Training session "A Buck for Your Ideas"!  This was volunteer leaders' time to share tips (and receive $1 for doing so) on affiliated group management, member engagement and communication, and educational program planning.    

Almost every leader had tips and ideas to share! Below are just a few of the great ideas and words of wisdom that we heard, for starting off 2016 right:

"Have guest speakers on IT and diabetes to cover the wide range of change within population education and education of educators" 

"Think of ways to give incentive to paraprofessionals who are out providing Diabetes Education and may never become CDEs to obtain the tools that AADE offers"

"Declutter: declutter desk, declutter email, declutter home, and declutter mind by practicing mindfulness"

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

"Recruiting Tip: Leaders be friendly and fun.  Be someone people want to be with."

For a full list of the tips, please visit the Volunteer Leader Resource Center.  There you will find resource for: administrative needs, mobilizing volunteers, leadership, running your group, and creating events in My AADE Network. 

What's All the Big Hype about Attending AADE16, Annual Meeting?

By: Tammi Boiko, MSN, RN, CDE, AADE16 Annual Meeting Chair

TammiBoiko_Original - 125

Each year, thousands of diabetes educators from around the country attend the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) Annual Meeting and Exhibition.  We share the same goals: to learn about the newest and greatest in the world of diabetes through presentations and hands-on experience with products in the exhibit hall.  In addition to our learning time, we meet up with friends from all over the US!

For many of us, conference is just a way of life.  We look forward to traveling (yes, we do!), hugging our friends at the hotel check-in counters, locating the quickest route to the conference center from our individual hotels, and signing up for wonderful corporate sponsored events hosted each evening.  Last year, was a blast in New Orleans; great food, music and 'Dancing with the Stars"...literally! Oh yeah, the CE as well!

At times, diabetes educators state they can obtain their required CE online or attend a local one-day conference, so why should they plan on attending a diabetes conference? More so, why should they attend an American Association of Diabetes Educator's diabetes conference?

To start with, AADE is our professional organization whose focus is on us, the diabetes educators.  AADE listens to our comments, reviews the current trends in diabetes care and treatment, and supports research in all aspects of diabetes.  This information is passed along to AADE's Annual Meeting Planning Committee (a multidisciplinary committee) who are involved in developing the agenda.

With over 100 educational offerings, each presentation is placed within one of six educational tracks, and attendees can develop a unique conference outline addressing individual learning needs.  Presentations are geared towards the novice in diabetes education to those in an advanced practice role.  Without a doubt, excellent learning opportunities can be experienced in all six tracks!

AADE listens to our feedback regarding the cost of attending a multiple day conference, away from work, and in some cases, no budget for 'education days' offered from our employers.  Changes were made! Like AADE15, we'll continue to enjoy a spectacular 44% reduction in registration fees! Conference days have been changed to Friday through Monday for less impact on our work schedules.  In addition, AADE worked with Delta, Southwest and United Airlines to offer discounts on airfare to San Diego.

Talk to your employer, describe the benefits of attending AADE16 in San Diego.  Let them know you'll bring back evidenced based-best practice guidelines to enhance the education and care for our patients we serve with diabetes. 

Here's one more reason for you to attend AADE16: to network and share with other 'superstars' in diabetes care from around the country.  Experience the 'AH-HA' moments you can only experience in person.  

I look forward to seeing everyone at AADE 2016 Annual Meeting in San Diego California, Friday August 12th - Monday August 15th and giving lots of hugs at the hotel check-in counter!


Recognizing Your Volunteers and Staying Compliant with IRS Guidelines

By: Brad Neal, Chief Financial Officer

BradNeal_VolNewsPicMany CBs and LNGs could not accomplish everything they do without the help of volunteers.  Of course you want to recognize and reward them for all they do for your organization.

CB and LNG Leaders are often looking for different ways to reward their volunteers for their services.  There is no problem when a volunteer is given rewards of nominal values such as free food and drink at a thank you party or certificate of appreciation.  However, more substantial rewards could result in taxable income to the volunteers.  For example, an award of money or a valuable gift would be taxable - that is, the volunteer would have to add the amount to his or her income for the year and pay income tax on it.  Distinguishing between a volunteer incentive and compensation may help.  

Incentives versus Compensation

​It is normal and acceptable to consider presenting volunteer with thank you gifts.  Generally these are what would be considered "token" gifts.  These could include things such as a small gift bag, a certificate, a pin, or a tote bag.  It could also include having an appreciation dinner or fun day for the volunteers.  Some other unusual ideas include: paying for volunteers to receive continuing education, to attend conferences, or meetings that will provide training that will benefit both the volunteer and the organization. The above items are generally considered to be incentives and not compensation. Although most non-cash gifts are acceptable, it is important to remain at a relatively small value. The IRS guidelines for de minimis limits do not generally provide an exact dollar amount however they should be infrequent and of a minimal nature. Providing volunteer staff with a t-shirt, cap, or other items that indicate their position or identify them at events would also be considered acceptable and generally not compensation.

Cash and other cash like items are where the risk increases and it becomes compensation, which must be reported as taxable income. This includes gift cards, gift certificates, and of course cash or checks paid to the volunteers. With the added layer of complexity that comes with cash or gift cards as a thank you, it is in everyone’s best interest to just avoid cash and gift cards.

Twitter for CBs

By: Heather Wright, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Heather_VolNewsPic_125Social media is an increasingly useful tool to connect with and inform people.  Twitter is a pretty easy platform to use because it is so simple.  It relies on a basic format that looks almost identical whether the use is on a desktop or on a mobile device.  

For more information on Twitter terms used below, check out Twitter's glossary.  

Creating your CB twitter page

Official AADE social media platforms are great examples to use when creating a CB page.  It is very important to make sure the profile is completed with both a profile picture and a header photo., including a well-written bio and link to the CB page or AADE's homepage.  This will make your account look legitimate and help you gain followers.  

Check out other CB pages for some examples of tweets and profiles (Chicago LNG, AADE Inpatient COI,AADE in PA).  Make sure to follow accounts to diabetes and diabetes education, as well as current and immediate past president - Hope Warshaw @HopeWarshaw and Deborah Greenwood @DebGreenwood.  

Crafting your message

All of the following increase the likelihood that someone will pay attention to your tweet:

  • Acronyms: use when possible, it saves character space
  • Shorthand: keep it clear
  • Hashtags: help others find you in search results
  • Tag accounts: connect to those who follow the person tagged
  • Use links/pictures/videos: more likely someone will click, reply, favorite, retweet

Try to post at least once per day to maintain relevancy in your network.  Posts should include a mixture of hashtags reflecting the name of the meeting (i.e. 2015's meeting hashtag was #AADE15).  

Check out the DOC tip sheet and the Quick Twitter Guide for more social media tips.

Profile Example


​Heather Wright is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at AADE.  She has a background in communications and digital media.  

First Quarter Incentive Qualifiers...It Could Be You

​It's time to start revving up for the 1st Quarter Incentive Program for Coordinating Bodies (CBs), Local Networking Groups (LNGs), and Communities of Interests(COIs)! We are continuing the CB, LNG, and COI performance levels which we first introduced in 2012 and the web badge program which recognizes those groups which met these level requirements each quarter.  This quarter, it could be you.

Check out the CB/LNG Incentive Requirements, and COI Incentive Requirements in the Volunteer Leader Resource Center! 

We are excited about our 2016 program and hope that this year your CB or LNG or COI will be one of the first groups to earn a web badge!

Thank You to 2015 MAC Co-Facilitators and Congratulations to the 2016 MAC Co-Facilitators

MAC_2016_150A special thank you goes out to the 2015 MAC Co-Facilitators representing the state Coordinating Bodies:

  • Richard Arena
  • Mary Jean Christian
  • Marilyn Novosel

Thank you, also, to the 2015 MAC Co-Facilitators representing the 2015 Communities of Interest:

  • Chris Memering
  • Kendall Smith

We'd like to welcome and congratulate the 2016 MAC Co Facilitators representing the State Coordinating Bodies:

  • Kathy Gold, Virginia
  • Jeanna Rhoulac, Florida
  • Melanie Teslik, New York

And, the 2016 MAC Co-Facilitators representing the Communities of Interest:

  • Meghan Jardine, Plant Based Nutrition for Diabetes
  • Molly McElwee-Mallow, Diabetes Technology

Help Your Friends Warm Up to AADE This Winter

Provide your colleagues a warm welcome to AADE this winter by encouraging them to join you as a member.  Ensure your colleagues enjoy the same access to free CE, patient resources and a network of more than 14,000 diabetes educators.  

Refer them to join AADE and you may win one of five free memberships being awarded during the Winter Member Referral Contest.  To enter, simply refer a friend or colleague by completing this brief online form.  Once your referral joins AADE, you'll automatically be entered into the drawing for a free membership.

More than 150 members referred members in 2015.  Add your name to the list and join them as AADE Membership Champions in 2016.  

​Are You a Candidate for a 2016 AADE Award?

AADE Awards 2016
It's time to apply or nominate a colleague for a 2016 AADE Award!

Each year during the AADE Annual Meeting & Exhibition, we recognize excellence in diabetes education and service to the association and the larger diabetes community. AADE offers a variety of awards to celebrate those individuals who have gone above and beyond.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognizes an individual who exemplifies the proud history of diabetes education and serves as extraordinary role model. A $5,000 donation is made to the AADE Foundation in honor of the recipient.

Allene Van Son Distinguished Service Award

Recognizes outstanding contributions and service to this association in honor of the first AADE president. The recipient receives an award of $5,000.

Diabetes Educator of the Year Award

Honors a diabetes educator who has made a special contribution to the field through dedication and innovation in patient care. This award is given for the next consecutive year. The recipient receives an award of $5,000 plus a $10,000 travel grant towards the delivery of educational programs.

Innovative Use of Media and Technology Award 

This award supports the innovative use of media and technology to advance diabetes self-management education and training. The project submitted should have significantly improved self-management among individual patient practices or broad diabetes populations. The recipient will receive complimentary registration to the AADE Annual Meeting & Exhibition for the next consecutive year.

Rising Star Award

This award recognizes a diabetes educator who has less than three years of diabetes education experience and has demonstrated leadership and commitment in his or her practice. The recipient receives a one-year AADE membership, complimentary registration to the AADE Annual Meeting & Exhibition and $300 worth of additional AADE products and services.

Do you or someone you now exemplify the qualities for one of these awards? Get more information and start preparing your application today. 

Time is Running Out - Designate Your State Grassroots Coordinator Today

AdvocacyThe position of the State Grassroots Coordinator (SGC) is one of the most important positions within any Coordinating Body.

Why? - Because the SGC is the voice of your CB in your state for public policy discussions, legislative affairs and other issues of importance.  If you don't have a SGC in your state, the voice of diabetes educators on important issues will be harder to hear. 

The role of the SGC is really three fold:

  • Inform members about policy and legislative actions happening in their state and in Washington, D.C.
  • Activate membership to make their voices heard in matters of policy and legislation
  • Talk to policy makers and legislators about AADE's positions. 

The role of the SGC has been particularly important in:

  • Moving our federal ​legislation forward in Washington D.C. by talking to our federal legislators and policy makers.  The legislation would allow diabetes educators to be reimbursed by Medicare.
  • Making diabetes educators voices heard in state issues such as state licensure if diabetes educators, Diabetes Action Plan and Medicaid expansion to cover certain kinds of DSMT.

Sadly, only 18 state now have a SGC.  We can do better.  This vital position needs to have a person dedicated to amplifying the voices of diabetes educators in your state.

If this position is currently not filled in your state, please consider filling it.  This is a great opportunity for an AADE member to learn how to effectively communicate with policy makers about the important job we do.  In addition to communicating with policy makers, the SGC could be in an ideal position for those new to the profession and/or those who want to expand their professional communication skills.  AADE will help train your SGC at the upcoming 2016 Public Policy Forum on May 13 and 14 in Chicago.  More information on this training to come shortly.

Time is of the essence.  Please designate a SGC by March 1, 2016 and send the name of that person to AADE's Advocacy Coordinator, Melissa Akinlawon at or if you have any questions, please contact Melissa.  

A New Look and Feel to My AADE Network - Coming Soon

MY AADE NETWORK LogoWork is under way to bring a new look and feel to MY AADE NETWORK within the next few months! In partnership with our website developer, AADE will soon provide members with one of the biggest and most important updates to the MY AADE NETWORK website ever: a brand new, re-designed from top-to-bottom User Interface (UI). This new UI will provide a modern web experience for administrators and everyday users.

Some of the improvements you can expect to find:

• Responsive support built into all pages for mobile and tablet use
• Easier to use/intuitive navigation
• Standardized design across all communities
• Improved reporting capabilities for admins

To help you prepare your admins and members for the new UI, we will be providing a series of all-new training materials for your reference, available beginning in late February 2016. But until then, you can expect to see more previews and progress announcements in the Volunteer Leader Newsletter, in the Admin Announcement Forum, and in the e-FYI.

Upcoming Events in 2016 

February 17 - COI Leader Call -

This call is intended for all COI leaders and will review the AADE Resources available to all COI leaders and also include a presentation by a COI leader which will provide tips for increasing engagement on their groups online discussions.

March 23- Leadership Audio for CB, LNG and COI Leaders -    

John Tyler's presentation, "Cliff Notes for the new AADE Website and enhanced MY AADE NETWORK: Your Guide to Success" will give leaders an overview of the key areas on the new AADE website and the enhanced MY AADE NETWORK so that these leaders can utilize these features to increase their members' engagement.
October 19 - Leadership Audio for CB, LNG, and COI Leaders-
"Preparing for a Successful Leader Transition" will prepare CB, LNG, and COI leaders in implementing an effective transition process for their incoming leaders.  
February 17 - COI Leader Call -
This call is intended for all COI leaders and also includes a presentation by a COI leader which will provide tips for increasing engagement on their group's on-line discussions.
June 22 - COI Leader Call -
This call is intended for all COI leaders and will review the COI Annual Meeting activities and also will include a presentation by Kurt Anderson on the role COI leaders can play in advancing AADE's legislative goals.
September 28 - COI Leader Call -
This call is intended for all COI leaders and will feature a presentation on tips for creating blogs. 
February 10 - CB and LNG Briefing Call for Finance and Program Planning Leaders
April 6 - CB and LNG LNG Briefing Call for State Grassroots Coordinators
May 11 - CB and LNG Briefing Call for Membership Leaders
August - Annual Meeting Financial Leader Face to Face Meeting

February 2016

CB and LNG Store



Member Affiliates Liaison to the Board

Chris Memering

Member Affiliates Council

Kathleen Gold
Virginia CB

Meghan Jardine
Plant Based COI

Molly McElwee-Malloy
Diabetes Technology COI

Melanie Teslik
New York CB

Jeanna Rhoulhac
New York CB

AADE Staff

Nadine Merker
Director, Member and Volunteer Engagement

Patricia Mangano
Manager, Volunteer Engagement

John Tyler
Manager, Web and Digital Content

Carlita Gay
Coordinator, Volunteer Engagement 

Important Dates:
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All Volunteer Leaders
Fall Audio
October 19 @11am

Spring Audio
March 23 @11am

CB and LNG Leaders:
Briefing Call
April 6 @ 11am

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May 11 @ 11am

Annual Meeting 2016 Events
August 12 - August 15

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