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A Time to Say Thank You...

By: Nadine Merker, Director of Member and Volunteer Engagement

The Annual Meeting is a time to connect with your colleagues, hear from inspiring and informative speakers, and see the latest products and technologies on the Exhibit Floor. It is also the time for AADE to say thank you to our volunteer leaders for their passion, commitment, and work this past year in support of diabetes education, this association and very importantly our members. THANK YOU!

The Annual Meeting gives AADE a special chance to thank you in person at the Volunteer Appreciation Reception scheduled for Friday, August 12 at the Marriott Marquis and Marina in San Diego. We hope to see our 2016 CB and COI leaders at the reception to let you know how much we value your participation and the work along with of all the other 2016 AADE volunteers who will be attending this event.

For those of you not able to attend the Annual Meeting, we will miss seeing you but we want you to know that we are sending our thanks for all that you do on behalf of AADE.


Why is the AADE Annual Conference so Different?

By: Molly McElwee-Malloy, RN,CDE

Molly_McElweeI just got back from the ADA conference in New Orleans. A wonderful exhibit hall and some great presentations were available. Although I had my own meetings planned, and there were a few get-togethers that popped up, there wasn’t any organized networking to be had. I guess in the event of technology, we can all look each other up anytime we want and make contact. However, there is a lot to be said for a face-to-face conversation. One of the reasons I so look forward to the AADE conference is that there are planned events for networking. I never know who I will meet and what I will learn from them.

I will also say it’s a very different environment than ADA. At an AADE conference, I can sit next to anyone in the audience and make a connection. We’re all there because we care about our patients, the advancement of diabetes education and learning new things! I love that when I go to an AADE conference, I will make new connections that I will use in business and friendship for years to come. It is really quite a different environment that is very supportive of learning and inclusive of everyone. If you’re at all sitting on the fence about coming to AADE, I hope you’ll jump down and meet me there. Who knows what we would learn from each other?


AADE16 Annual Meeting Update


​Thursday, August 11 - Coordinating Body and Communities of Interest Networking Reception - 5:00 p.m. -6:30 p.m. - Marriott Marquis & Marina Ballroom D-E

Friday, August 12 - CB and LNG Financial Workshop - 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.


Save the Date: 2017 State Coordinating Body Training Program in Chicago

Please mark your calendars for the day and a half CB Leader Training program scheduled for Friday, January 13- Saturday January 14, 2017 in Chicago.

We are excited to once again offer this program (replaces the former annual Leadership Program) which will prepare newly elected volunteers in their roles as state Coordinating Body leaders by providing them with specific tools, information and resources to use in working with their groups.

Look for more information about this program in September!


Congratulations to New York, Nebraska and Iowa!

In May we asked you to register your CB, LNG and COI social media accounts for a chance to win a $100 gift card for the most active and engaged Facebook and Twitter accounts during the month of June. Congratulations to the NYS CB and NE LNG (Facebook) and @IowaAADE (Twitter) for being the most active! These accounts had the most posts, best original and relevant content and engaged with users on a regular basis.

To register your social media accounts with AADE, please email your CB name, social media account name (e.g. AADE Iowa, @IowaAADE), the link to the page, and the contact information for the person in charge of that account to marketing@aadenet.org.

Learn More About AADE’s Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) at the Annual Meeting

Did you know...

In 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) selected AADE as one of six partner organizations to assist in expanding the reach of the National Diabetes Prevention Program. This is an exciting opportunity because it highlights the leadership role that diabetes educators can play in diabetes prevention efforts.

Want to learn more about AADE’s DPP while attending the Annual Meeting?

  • Stop by at the AADE Booth (#1627) and meet AADE DPP Program Coordinators (during unopposed exhibit floor hours). They will be there to share their experiences in implementing a DPP program within their DSME programs with the help and guidance of AADE and to answer any questions you may have. Meet AADE DPP staff, Joanna Craver and Natalie Blum, who can share AADE’s partnership in this exciting new role for diabetes educators.
  • Attend a breakout session available in each time slot regarding prediabetes on Sunday, August 14- Prediabetes Day.
  • Attend the breakout session on Sunday, August 14th at 4:30 PM and learn more about the National Diabetes Prevention Program, AADE’s work in Diabetes Prevention. Joanna Craver will be hosting a breakout session to share the latest updates regarding CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program, AADE’s Diabetes Prevention Program and updates on Medicare coverage of Diabetes Prevention Programming.
  • Keep an eye out for the unveiling of AADE services regarding prevention and prediabetes. AADE has been working with CDC to scale the National Diabetes Prevention program for years, and is now ready to offer services to the public to assist both members and programs in building and sustaining their own National Diabetes Prevention Program. More details will be available at the AADE Booth.


Why I love My Job.... Final Winning Contest Entry

Read Maggie Bevilles's winning entry below on why she loves her job as a diabetes educator...

I love my job! Being a diabetes educator to me is a calling. It is a true vocation dedicated to educating diabetes patients and their families from the moment they are diagnosed, through their treatment, and to the management of their disease. I love my job when I can help a patient through the stages of grief, when they are so angry and confused from their diagnosis to the acceptance of their disease. I love my job when I can teach them the DSME tools to help them find their way---when the darkness leaves their eyes and the light comes on, showing me that they understand. I love my job when I can show a patient that all their hard work has paid off and is reflected in their A1C. I am retired and I volunteer at a free clinic.

I’m still a diabetes educator. I LOVE MY JOB!


Event Help: Taking Credit Card Payments Onsite/Registering "Day of" Attendees

By: John Tyler, Web & Digital Content Manager

If you've ever needed to take registrations onsite at a local event, it’s easy to do using the online registration tools on MY AADE NETWORK. This allows your day-of attendees to use a credit card and payments are processed right away. Here are a few easy steps to make sure this process goes smoothly:

  1. Confirm with your venue that you will have wifi or internet available the day of the event: You will want to make sure that there is reliable internet access either via wifi or an Ethernet line. If you are renting space from a hotel or other venue, there may be an additional charge for this, so make sure you confirm this (preferably) at the time you book the venue, or as early before the event date as possible.
  2. Bring a laptop or tablet onsite: Bringing a laptop onsite will allow you to input all your attendee information in as quickly as possible. If that is not an option, you can also bring a tablet onsite, but this may slow down the registration process as it is not always as easy to input data on a tablet. (NOTE: If you are absolutely unable to secure internet access at your venue, or if the cost is too high, you may be able to use a tablet and your personal data plan to process these registrations, but be aware you may incur additional charges for use.)
  3. Make sure you have your event back-end setup to allow for onsite registration:

a. When managing the admin side of your event, go to EVENT MANAGEMENT>>REGISTRATION TYPES AND PRICES:


b. Next, add an "onsite" price to your existing registration types (NOTE: yo will need to do this for each registration type you have where you will have day of registrants, e.g. Member, Non-member,etc.):


c. When you add the onsite price for each registration type, make sure that your start time and end time for that price don't overlap with previous pricing start and end times:


d. Lastly, make sure your registration is open the day you'll be taking registrations onsite (you can close it when your are done). Go to EVENT SETUP/MARKETING>>DETAILS, to make sure the "Open Registration?" checkbox is marked:


Has your CB or LNG done onsite registration at one of your event? How did it go? Let us know your experience and we will share your tips in a future newsletter.

The AADE 2016 Public Policy Forum: Changing the Culture of Advocacy One Legislation Visit at a Time

By: Kurt Anderson, Director of Federal and State Advocacy

The AADE 2016 Public Policy (PPF) was held on May 13 and 14. This year the PPF was not in Washington D.C., but was held outside of Chicago in Rosemont, IL. “But why?” you may ask. Because AADE is beginning to change the culture of how we do advocacy.

The emphasis in this year’s PPF is on how to build advocacy into the culture of the national organization and AADE Coordinating Bodies. 

There are two new culture changes within AADE’s advocacy department:

  1. You don’t have to go to D.C. to see your legislator – you can see them in their (and your) district.
  2. AADE members need to engage more with their state legislators (State Representatives and Senators) because more health-care policy decisions are being made by state legislatures.

While lobbying in D.C. is important, there are other important issues relative to diabetes education that AADE members need to work on.

Two of the issues that were discussed at the PPF were:

  1. Diabetes Action Plans (DAP) legislation. The fundamental intent of the DAP legislation is to require state officials from the Department of Health – or equivalent agency, the state agency that works with Medicaid and the state Agency responsible for purchasing state employee health insurance benefits, to develop a report every other year for the state Legislature that reflects the financial and health impact of diabetes.  The report is intended to detail the ongoing efforts of state programs that are currently addressing this disease.  AADE members can play an influential role in passing and helping to write DAPs in the 32 states that don’t have them
  2. The need to meet with our state legislators and talk to them about what diabetes educators do and how we can help address the diabetes problem. AADE will supply members with the tools they need to have an effective meeting with the state Representatives and Senators.

Below is an example of a printout AADE’s advocacy department will give to our members who schedule these meetings. The printout includes diabetes data specifically for your state Representative’s and/or Senator’s district.


These reports contain all of the data you need to have an effective introductory meeting with your legislator such as:

  • Number of individuals in their district with diabetes
  • The prevalence of diabetes in the district as a percentage of total population.
  • How this district compares to the national average for diabetes.
  • Relevant demographic diabetes data specific to that legislative district.

By introducing legislators to this data, you will now have the opportunity to discuss:

  1. what is that a diabetes educator does, and;
  2. how diabetes educators can help solve this problem 

Twenty for three in ‘17

Any state whose members make 20 verifiable legislative visits before June 1 2017  will be eligible for a drawing to win three free registrations at AADE’s 2017 Annual Meeting.

If you want to become part of the change in AADE’s Advocacy program and make legislative visits, please contact AADE Director of Federal and State Advocacy Kurt Anderson at kanderson@aadenet.org.


In Case You Missed it: New Forms for Continuing Education (CE) Hours

We wanted to remind you that AADE has made exciting updates to the process for CBs and LNGs requesting continuing education hours (CE hours) for your programs!

The new planning forms are streamlined from the previous “CE Application” process forms. These planning forms are exclusive to AADE CBs and LNGs and are accessible in the Volunteer Leader Resource Center under the Administration icon.


Upcoming Events in 2016

CB, LNG and COI Leadership Audio

October 19

"Preparing for a Successful Leader Transition" will prepare CB, LNG, and COI leaders in implementing an effective transition process for their incoming leaders.


AADE Staffing Update- Meet Cindy Wilson

With much excitement, I would like to introduce myself to the group as your Volunteer Engagement Coordinator.

You may recognize me from Membership Engagement as I have been working in Membership for the past 2 years. I plan to do everything in my power to help you. If you have any questions,comments or concerns do not hesitate to contact me at cwilson@aadenet.org or 800-338-3633 ext 4882.

June 2016

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