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An Instant Boost for Your Group!

By: Nadine Merker, Director of Member and Volunteer Engagement

Have you been wondering how to recruit new volunteers for your group? What to get the word out about your CB or COI and want to add the personal touch?

You can do both by representing your group at  the CB and COI Networking Reception scheduled for Thursday, August 11 at the Annual Meeting in San Diego   This reception will be held from 5:00 pm- 6:30- in the Marriott Marquis and Marina Ballroom D-E.

This event is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your CB or COI and at the same time invite new members as well as other AADE members who are attending the Annual Meeting to participate in your group.  This personal ask- face to face- is often the best approach to successfully engaging new volunteers. For those members who have connected with your CB or COI on MY AADE NETWORK this is a chance to “see who is on the other side of the computer” and turn the online connection into a personal connection.

It’s not too late to participate in these upcoming Annual Meeting events.  If you are not able to attend the Annual Meeting this year, is there someone on your leadership team who could represent your COI or CB?   

Please email Pati at pmangano@aadenet.org and join us on Thursday, August 11!  

Tips For Success at the COI/CB Networking Event

By: Meghan Jardine MSN, MBA, RD, RDN, LD, CDERN, BSN, CDE, SANE-A

AADE16 is less than 2 months away.  How time flies!  It’s time to get ready for the COI/CB Networking Event on Thursday evening (5:00-6:30 PM). This is a great way to kick off four days of education, networking, and engaging with other professionals who are working toward a similar goal of serving people who have diabetes. This event is our opportunity to grow our membership and involve others. Here are a few tips ensure success: 

  1. Have fun and interesting items at your table – last year so many CB and COI had fun engaging toys, props, games, and even food to attract members.  At the Plant-based Nutrition table, we had a brief 3 question quiz as well as literature on nutrition. Handouts work as well.  If you have earned a banner, be sure to bring along and display.
  2. Be engaging – have fun and have at least 2-3 bullets on why a person might want to get involved in your COI or CB. Diabetes educators are coming to get information to be better at their job.  They are also there to have fun, network, and often people want to get involved, but they don’t know how. 
  3. Get help – you can’t talk to everyone.  Best to have at least 2-3 people to engage with others. Reach out to your current members now to seek help.  It’s also busy and chaotic. There is no way one person can talk to everyone.
  4. Invite members to join your COI or CB.  Have written instructions on how to join.  Most members I have talked to don’t know about the COI, particularly if they are new members, or they think joining costs extra.  So, be sure to remind them these groups are free with their AADE membership.  Last year we gave out cards that with written instructions on how to join.
  5. Have a drawing for something simple.  We gave a book away last year.  This is a way to get people’s contact information.  Then, a few weeks  after the meeting we were able to send out a follow up email and providing links and instructions on how to join the COI. A great reminder since we all know after the conference, people are busy getting back to work and might forget about joining.  Having the link available in the email makes it easily accessible.

I look forward to seeing you there and please stop by the Plant-Based Nutrition for Diabetes table and pick up some great nutrition information.

AADE16 Annual Meeting Update - Save the Date!


​Thursday August 11 - Coordinating Body and Communities of Interest Networking Reception -  5:00 p.m. -6:30 p.m. - Marriott Marquis & Marina Ballroom D-E

Friday, August 12 - CB and LNG Financial Workshop - 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Reminder: It's Time to Vote! 

By: Deborah Greenwood PhD, RN, BC-ADM, CDE, FAADE

2016 AADE Nominating Committee:DeborahGreenwoodVolNews2015

Sandra Burke, PhD, APRN, FAADE, FAAN 

Kathryn Mulcahy, RN, MSN, CDE

Tami Ross, RD, LD, CDE, MLDE

Ann Williams, PhD, MSN, RN, CDE

One critical way to have a say in the future of our association is to vote in the AADE National Leadership Election.  That time is near!  Voting is now open through June 30. 

The 2016 Nominating Committee was charged with putting forth a ballot of qualified candidates from those AADE members who submitted applications.

Candidates on the 2016 ballot:


  • Joan Czarnowski-Hill, RDN, CDE, LDN
  • Donna Ryan, MPH, RN, RD, CDE, FAADE


  • Daniel Kent, PharmD, CDE
  • Nathan Painter, PharmD, CDE

Board of Directors

  • Tammi Boiko, MSN, RN, CDE
  • Sandra Bollinger, PharmD, FASCP, CGP, CDE, CPT, CFts
  • Lucille Hughes, MSN/Ed, CDE, BC-ADM, FAADE
  • Virginia Ives, RDN, LD, CDE, LPC
  • Jan Kavookjian, MBA, PhD
  • Karen Kemmis, PT, DPT, MS, GCS, CDE, FAADE
  • Jodi Lavin-Tompkins, RN, MSN, CDE, BC-ADM
  • Kellie Rodriguez, MSN, MBA, CDE

Nominating Committee

  • Joan Bardsley, MBA, RN, CDE, FAADE
  • Terry Compton, APRN, MS, CDE
  • Lorena Drago, MS, RD, CDN, CDE
  • Carole’ Mensing, RN, MA, CDE, FAADE
  • Hildegard Payne, RN, MA, CDE, FAADE
  • Eva Vivian, PharmD, MS, CDE, BC-ADM

Voting is conducted electronically, so it’s easy and takes less than a minute or two to cast your vote.  I encourage you to learn more about the candidates by reading their biographies and statements, which can be accessed through AADE's website HERE.

To Vote:  Your voting ballot will be associated with, and validated by the email address listed on your AADE member profile.  To ensure that your election email and ballot arrive safely in your inbox, simply add the following email address as an approved sender:  noreply@directvote.net  

When your voting email arrives, just click on the link provided within the email, and you will be taken directly to the online ballot – no username and no passwords required. 

Help us spread the word! Reach out to your CB, LNG, COI members, and other AADE colleagues, and encourage them to vote! This is truly everyone’s right and responsibility, as we are a MEMBER DRIVEN organization. Post a message to your state or local MY AADE NETWORK discussion forum, and use calendar reminders to encourage voting. Please post this message to make it easier.

Following the close of the election, the names of our newly elected national leaders will be posted on the AADE website and published in the eFYI newsletter.

Voting is one of the most important membership privileges.  Exercise that privilege to impact the future of AADE!

Why I love My Job.... Next Winning Contest Entry

Please read Ann Heard- Nesbitt’s winning entry below on why she loves her job as a diabetes educator:

I love my job because….

In my years of practice it has become natural sense of enjoyment and fulfillment. It is said that we have spiritual gifts to share and fortunately, my daily encounters are enriching and humbling experiences. My clients are indigent care and the challenges are many, especially with diabetes/related diseases. One valuable lesson I have learned is that health education is based on personal desire for self-care and not determined by level of education or socioeconomic status.

Knowing that I am making a difference towards improving the quality of life of those individuals living with diabetes/related disease or those-at risk, is a daily motivator. As my clients learn from me, I too learn from them; the ability to not only provide education, but to connect with those individuals in a way that empowers them to help themselves. When people see your heart, they accept your message.  “I’m fulfilled in what I do”.  

Tips and Resources: What's available in MY AADE NETWORK?

VolunteerResourceCenterAs we come up to the half way point of your term as a CB, LNG or COI Leader we hope you have taken advantage of all of the AADE resources available, and share the knowledge with incoming volunteers!

Among the resources available in MY AADE NETWORK is the CB and LNG leader manual. Within the manual, AADE outlines the volunteer engagement model, suggested roles and responsibilities for volunteer positions, and important documents that will help you make your year successful.   We also offer a separate manual for our Communities of Interest leaders.  Check out the COI leader manual, for tips and resources for making the most out of your term as a COI leader.  These manuals can be found in the Volunteer Leader Resource Center, in addition to other helpful documents to engage members both locally and statewide! If you have suggestions for what should be included in the manual, or Volunteer Leader Resource Center, please let us know and we can add the resource. 

Did you know that we have our own member and admin help center within MY AADE NETWORK?  Here you'll find frequently asked questions, and video tutorials of how to find what you need within the online community. For those CB leaders and admins that are frequently setting up online event registration, don't forget to visit the National Leaders Forum Latest Blog Articles to stay up to date on the latest leader and admin tips.

If you have found any of these or the other resources extremely helpful, please share those with other AADE Volunteer Leaders by posting a “review” on MY AADE NETWORK Leader Forum or the COI Leader Forum.

Lastly, we'd like to point out the newly updated social media guidelines. If your volunteer team is interested in setting up a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media account, please take a look. Visit the May Volunteer Leader newsletter for more information and learn how you can win a $100 gift card! 

Admin Tip: Creating a Discount Code for Your Event

We’ve seen many groups utilize MY AADE NETWORK to set up events successfully, and one feature that event creators have found useful is the ability to create a discount code. Creating a discount code can help make registration easier for you and your registrants. Benefits of using a discount code:

  • Attract first time attendees with a reduced price
  • Easily manage the use of the discount code by increasing or restricting the number of uses, instantly changing the time frame, and including special notes for other administrators
  • Create discount codes on the fly, if you have a small amount of attendees that need a discount

Once you’ve created your event, discount codes can be added under EVENT MANAGEMENT>>DISCOUNT CODES:









The following fields are available when setting the code up:

  • Name: What your code is called
  • Code: The actual code that will be used by attendees to obtain their discount. This is auto-generated by the site, or you can change it to something easier to remember.
  • GL Code: This field is not required.
  • Amount: This field is tied to the one below, Discount Type. You can either choose from “Reduce Price To,” “Amount Off,” or “Percentage Off”.
  • Start/End Time: These are the dates when the discount code is active and available for use.
  • Inactive: Checking this box will make the discount code unavailable for use.
  • Maximum Allowed: The number of times the code can be used.
  • Details: This section is for your use and will not be seen by end users (optional).



If you need additional support setting up your MY AADE NETWORK event, need access to be able to setup events online, or have specific questions that aren’t addressed here, contact mynetwork@aadenet.org for help.

The AADE 2016 Public Policy Forum: Changing the Culture of Advocacy One Legislation Visit at a Time

By: Kurt Anderson, Director of Federal and State Advocacy

The AADE 2016 Public Policy (PPF) was held on May 13 and 14. This year the PPF was not in Washington D.C., but was held outside of Chicago in Rosemont, IL.

“But why?” you may ask.

Because AADE is beginning to change the culture of how we do advocacy.

The emphasis in this year’s PPF is on how to build advocacy into the culture of the national organization and AADE Coordinating Bodies. 

There are two new culture changes within AADE’s advocacy department:

  1. You don’t have to go to D.C. to see your legislator – you can see them in their (and your) district.
  2. AADE members need to engage more with their state legislators (State Representatives and Senators) because more health-care policy decisions are being made by state legislatures.

While lobbying in D.C. is important, there are other important issues relative to diabetes education that AADE members need to work on.  Two of the issues that were discussed at the PPF were:

  1. Diabetes Action Plans (DAP) legislation. The fundamental intent of the DAP legislation is to require state officials from the Department of Health – or equivalent agency, the state agency that works with Medicaid and the state Agency responsible for purchasing state employee health insurance benefits, to develop a report every other year for the state Legislature that reflects the financial and health impact of diabetes.  The report is intended to detail the ongoing efforts of state programs that are currently addressing this disease.  AADE members can play an influential role in passing and helping to write DAPs in the 32 states that don’t have them
  2. The need to meet with our state legislators and talk to them about what diabetes educators do and how we can help address the diabetes problem. AADE will supply members with the tools they need to have an effective meeting with the state Representatives and Senators.

Below is an example of a printout AADE’s advocacy department will give to our members who schedule these meetings. The printout includes diabetes data specifically for your state Representative’s and/or Senator’s district.


These reports contain all of the data you need to have an effective introductory meeting with your legislator such as:

  • Number of individuals in their district with diabetes
  • The prevalence of diabetes in the district as a percentage of total population.
  • How this district compares to the national average for diabetes.
  • Relevant demographic diabetes data specific to that legislative district.

By introducing legislators to this data, you will now have the opportunity to discuss:

  1. what is that a diabetes educator does, and;
  2. how diabetes educators can help solve this problem 

Twenty for three in ‘17

Any state whose members make 20 verifiable legislative visits before June 1 2017  will be eligible for a drawing to win three free registrations at AADE’s 2017 Annual Meeting.

If you want to become part of the change in AADE’s Advocacy program and make legislative visits, please contact AADE Director of Federal and State Advocacy Kurt Anderson at kanderson@aadenet.org.

Tip from past COI Incentive Qualifiers: Pharmacy COI

Each quarter, AADE holds a contest to see which CB, LNG, and COI can be the most active in MY AADE NETWORK.  This CB and LNG Quarterly Incentive Contest and COI Quarterly Incentive Contest, promotes engagement in My AADE NETWORK for members as well as provides an opportunity to win prizes from AADE! Check out the incentive requirements, here.  

We asked COI co-leaders Amanda Stahnke, PharmD and Jennifer Kerr, MA, RD, CDE from the Pharmacy COI for a tip for aspiring incentive qualifiers.  Here was their helpful tips!

I believe we have been successful as a COI due to our strong commitment to AADE, each other, and our patients, along with AADE's strong commitment to its members (us!).  MY AADE NETWORK and the networking session at the Annual Meeting allow us to connect with our members regularly. We are able to identify members wanting to increase their involvement and offer opportunities that meet their interest level.

We develop a blog and discussion question schedule for the year, ensuring to include those members whom have voiced interest in being more involved. We also try to engage members of the COI when other opportunities arise. For example we recently had a member with a general question for the group, but was unable to post the question. I, along with help from you, was able to provide the member the information needed and discussed opportunities for involvement such as writing a blog or being a member spotlight. The member readily agreed and is doing both!  


  • Use the resources AADE provides you (MY AADE NETWORK, networking sessions)
  • Jump on any opportunity to increase member involvement, it doesn’t hurt to ask
  • Set a schedule for blogs and discussion questions

Thank you, Amanda and Jessica for sharing your tips! If you have any questions about how to qualify for the incentive program, please check out our incentive requirements here or let us know.  ​

In case you missed it: New Forms for Continuing Education (CE) Hours

We wanted to remind you that AADE has made exciting updates to the process for CBs and LNGs requesting continuing education hours (CE hours) for your programs! The new planning forms are streamlined from the previous “CE Application” process forms. These planning forms are exclusive to AADE CBs and LNGs and are accessible in the Volunteer Leader Resource Center under the Administration icon.

We encourage the CBs and LNGs to use these new CE forms. For groups who are already in the midst of planning we will accept the previous CE Application forms until July 31, 2016. The new CE planning forms will be required effective August 1, 2016. Some highlights for the new CE planning forms include:

  • New Activity Planning form – formerly the “CE Application” is now the CE activity planning form. This planning form allows the CBs and LNGs to proactively plan their programs rather than focusing on a CE Application approval process.
  • New Educational Activity Plan Table – This new table is for both live and enduring programs and lessened information to be completed by presenters.
  • Grow Registration numbers – the new promotional template allows CBs and LNGs to list the amount of CE’s for participants.
  • A streamlined process – new CE forms eliminate entering duplicate information and a simplified Educational Activity Plan table for presenters.
  • As before, CBs and LNGs will continue to submit CE forms for their programs electronically to the AADE CE Application inbox at ceapplication@aadenet.org.

Spotlight: Rural Populations and Educators Practice Area Discussion Group

By: Kathy Dropeski, RN CDE

Rural diabetes educators and patients face challenges that are often vastly different from their urban counterparts. Rural communities present a complex mesh of social, economic, educational and cultural factors that affect diabetes education practice, care and treatment. Rural populations tend to experience lack of access to primary and specialty care, increased risk of premature death and higher rates of obesity, diabetes and smoking. The Rural Populations and Educators practice area discussion forum provides an opportunity for diabetes educators to exchange ideas, information and strategies for identifying issues and creating solutions to help people with diabetes who live in rural areas. 

It’s important for rural educators to discuss problem-solving strategies that will help their patients; it’s also helpful for urban-based educators to understand the challenges that their rural patients face. Diabetes educators who work in rural healthcare agencies, hospitals or clinics may “wear many hats”, that is, have other job responsibilities outside of diabetes education. There are everyday practicalities that must be navigated, such as, how do you handle data collection, scheduling, and other tasks when you don’t have any administrative staff? How do you encourage your patients to eat more fresh produce when your town doesn’t have a grocery store? How do you help families when the nearest endocrinology clinic is 3 hours away, and they don’t have gas money to get there? The Rural Populations and Educators discussion group offers an opportunity for diabetes educators to define and describe their populations and their needs, identify solutions for problem-solving and improving care and outcomes, and share data and research pertaining to rural health and diabetes care. 

Upcoming Events in 2016 

CB, LNG and COI Leadership Audio

October 19 
"Preparing for a Successful Leader Transition" will prepare CB, LNG, and COI leaders in implementing an effective transition process for their incoming leaders.  

COI Leader Calls

June 22
This call is intended for all COI leaders and will review the COI Annual Meeting activities and also will include a presentation by Kurt Anderson on the role COI leaders can play in advancing AADE's legislative goals.
September 28

This call is intended for all COI leaders and will feature a presentation on tips for creating blogs. 

CB and LNG Briefing Calls


Annual Meeting Financial Leader Face to Face Meeting - August 12, 2pm-3pm

AADE Staffing Update

Since so many of you work closely with AADE staff in your roles as volunteer leaders, we wanted to let you know that Carlita Gay has been awarded a Fellowship and will embark on a career in teaching, and thus will no longer serve in the role of Volunteer Engagement Coordinator as of June 15th. Carlita has been with AADE since 2013, and we thank her for her many contributions to the association over the years. 

We'd also like to introduce Cindy Wilson, former Member Engagement Coordinator, who will be moving into the Volunteer Engagement Coordinator role. We are happy to have Cindy join our team, as she has demonstrated dedication to AADE members since 2014. Welcome, Cindy!

If you have any questions regarding the transition please feel free to contact any of the Volunteer Engagement Staff at mynetwork@aadenet.org.  

June 2016

CB and LNG Store



Member Affiliates Liaison to the Board

Chris Memering

Member Affiliates Council

Kathleen Gold
Virginia CB

Meghan Jardine
Plant Based COI

Molly McElwee-Malloy
Diabetes Technology COI

Melanie Teslik
New York CB

Jeanna Rhoulhac
New York CB

AADE Staff

Nadine Merker
Director, Member and Volunteer Engagement

Patricia Mangano
Manager, Volunteer Engagement

John Tyler
Manager, Web and Digital Content

Carlita Gay
Coordinator, Volunteer Engagement 

Important Dates:
(All times CST)

All Volunteer Leaders
Fall Audio
October 19 @ 11am

CB and LNG Leaders:
Annual Meeting 2016 Events
August 12 - August 15

MAC Co-Facilitator:
Quarterly Call
October 25 @ 11am

COI Leaders:
Quarterly Call
June 22 @ 11am

Quarterly Call
September 28 @ 11am