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June/July 2018
 Annual Conference Update

Mentors Needed for the AADE18 Conference Buddy Program

Attending conferences can be overwhelming, so it’s always nice to see a friendly face, or have someone to help show you the ropes. Share your expertise with a first-time attendee and make a new connection!

 CB News

Revitalize Your Community

When it comes to online communities, current content is king. If your users see that your site is refreshed often and the page is active, they'll be more inclined to be active in return. Read AADE Online Community Manager, Kevin Schaefer's tips on keeping your community active and fresh.

 Upcoming Events

Be Prepared: How to Submit a CE Application for Your Next Education Program

Submitting a CE application for your education programs is a detailed process. Review the process to make sure your education program is eligible for CE!


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