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June/July 2018
 Tech Savvy

DANA Prepares to Launch


Do you ever think …

  • I'm looking for a meter that has accessibility enhancements for someone who has impaired vision
  • I'd like to know which CGM has the smallest placement …
  • I'm looking for a new insulin pen for my patient …
  • I’d like to know the options for a patient who wants to try a pump …
  • I'd love to get a course on basic CGM functionality …
  • I have a question about injection sites …
  • I'd like to see news about innovations …

At some point, you or a colleague may have had these types of questions.

Where do you go to find the answers?

On August 6, AADE members can go to DANA (Diabetes Advanced Network Access), the smartest online destination for all-things-diabetes technology.

Always on hand with the right advice, right when you need it.



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