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Are You Represented??

By: Nadine Merker, Director of Member and Volunteer Engagement

We are in full swing for our preparations for our upcoming 2016 State Coordinating Body Training Program, Friday, January 8- Saturday, January 9 in Chicago.  


CB Member Recruitment Challenge is in Full Swing!

Is your CB up for a friendly competition? How about a chance to win five free memberships? AADE is excited to have launched the CB Member Recruitment Challenge, a contest designed to help bring in new members as we near the end of 2015.

The Facts About The Needs Assessment

By: Nancy Stonis, MJ, BSN, RN, AADE Practice Manager of Accreditation

Nancy Stonis_PictureVolNews_July

What is great about doing surveys, is the fact you can find out a lot about what is on people’s minds.  In the recent 2015 Program Coordinators Survey for AADE CE applications a few questions from respondents were asked regarding needs assessment data.   Let’s see if the information below helps.

CB Member Recruitment Challenge - Montana & Rhode Island Leading the List!

By: Kellie Antinori-Lent, 2015 Member Affiliates Liaison

The AADE CB Member Recruitment Challenge, now in its second month, is aimed at recruiting members to join our professional organization.   That is one way of saying it.  I like to say it a different way.  The Recruitment Challenge is aimed at finding fellow colleagues who are missing out on being a part of the premier professional organization that connects and educates passionate diabetes educators from around the world. 

Tip from 3rd Quarter Incentive Winners - Pennsylvania Coordinating Body

By: Lisa Laird, PACB Chair

TipPassion. Commitment. TEAM work. We were recently asked the reasons for our continued success at making incentive goals on the MY AADE NETWORK.  Our CB Leadership drew a strong bond of teamwork from the beginning with Kellie Antinori-Lent leading the transition team over five years ago.  Since then, there has been a legacy of strong tech leaders with cohesive goals.  

It's Time to Raise Your Hand

RaiseYourHand"Raise Your Hand" and volunteer to be part of the 2016 MAC Co-Facilitator Volunteer Team.  



Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Dawn Taylor


Dawn Taylor, RN MSN CDE, BC-ADM, CNL, is one of our steemed volunteers from Georgia, and has been recognized through the Excellence in Nursing Award and the Professionalism in Nursing Award.


Visit the MY AADE NETWORK CB and LNG Store!

MY AADE NETWORK StoreThis convenient, shopping site for AADE State Coordinating Bodies and Local Networking Groups was created to make it easier for MY AADE NETWORK leaders to order products for their upcoming programs and events and have it billed directly to their CB or LNG AADE account. AADE has provided Lighthouse Printing, Inc. with the CB and LNG Logos so that you can personalize any of the items you select to order.


Reminder: Responding to Spam Emails

From time to time you may see spam emails coming through some of the forums on MY AADE NETWORK. The amount of spam coming through is not in excess—a 2013 Microsoft Security Intelligence Report found that more than 75% of all email transmitted could be classified as spam—and we normally expect spam volumes to ebb and flow across the entire internet. 


Continue to Celebrate National Diabetes Month!

Thank you to all that promoted National Diabetes Education Week (NDEW) , November 1-7.  As you know, we are still in the midst of National Diabetes Education Month.  There is still time to take this opportunity to generate attention for the work that you do. 

Admin Tip: Changing Your Forum Preferences on MY AADE NETWORK

By: John Tyler, Web & Digital Content Manager

MY AADE NETWORK Online ForumsOccasionally we receive questions from admins, asking how to change the display settings for forums on MY AADE NETWORK. While the global default settings for forums are set sitewide, individual users can change their own personal preferences to make forums easier to read, and function how they expect they should.



CB and LNG Store



Member Affiliates Liaison to the Board

Kellie Antinori-Lent

Member Affiliates Council

Richard Arena
New York CB

Mary Jean Christian
California CB

Chris Memering
Inpatient Management COI

Marilyn Novosel
North Carolina CB

Kendall Smith
Plant Based Nutrition COI

AADE Staff

Nadine Merker
Director, Member and Volunteer Engagement

Patricia Mangano
Manager, Volunteer Engagement

John Tyler
Manager, Web and Digital Content

Carlita Gay
Coordinator, Volunteer Engagement 


Important Dates: 
(All times CST)

All Volunteer Leaders
2016 State Coordinating Body Training Program
January 8 and 9 

Spring Audio
April 8 @ 12pm

CB and LNG Leaders:
Briefing Call
February 4 @ 12pm

Briefing Call
March 18 @ 12pm

Briefing Call
June 10 @ 12pm

MAC Co-Facilitators:
Quarterly Call
January 28 @ 11am

Quarterly Call
May 20 @ 11am

COI Leaders:
Quarterly Call 
February 11 @ 11am

Quarterly Call
June 17 @ 11am