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Volunteer Leader Newsletter

A Time to Plan for the Next Leaders....

By: Nadine Merker, Director of Member and Volunteer Engagement

As we transition from summer to fall, it reminds us that we need to begin to make plans to provide for another upcoming change-looking ahead to your group's 2017 leaders.

Start Thinking of Your New Team

By: Patricia Mangano, Senior Manager, Volunteer Engagement

I know you are looking at the calendar and thinking, it’s barely September 2016 and they want to know if we have our 2017 Leaders ready to hit the ground running????!!!!

Recruiting New Leadership?

By: Kathy Gold, RN, MSN, CDE, FAADE

Kathy Gold

It seems to me that after the AADE Annual Meeting the summer just flies by and now it is over. It was a wonderful meeting and I know I came back energized. I am also sure that lots of first time attendees are highly motivated and energized. What do you do with all that energy and enthusiasm?

Save the Date: 2017 State Coordinating Body Training Program in Chicago

Please mark your calendars for the day and a half CB Leader Training program scheduled for Friday, January 13-Saturday, January 14, 2017 in Chicago.

Meeting Your Quarterly Incentive: A Simple How-To Guide

By: Kendall L. Smith, MPH, RD/LD, CDE

Employ a few strategies to meeting quarterly incentives possible for your COI. Check out the tips below to see how you can engage your COI:

For Your Next CB or LNG Event...

Having a CB or LNG event? Let us help you promote AADE! We can send you membership brochures, product catalogs and other assorted materials at no cost to your CB or LNG. Please send an email to Matt Eaton for more information.

A New Way to Stay up to Date on MY AADE NETWORK

You can now choose to connect with or follow other members on MY AADE NETWORK and view how they are participating online, by using the new “My Network” feature. With My Network, you can network with other members and view their activities in real time on your own personal activity stream.

Members' Actions Succeed in Gaining Co-Sponsors for Federal Bill

By: Kurt Anderson, Director of Federal and State Advocacy

Because AADE members are the only voice for diabetes educators in the US, your voice makes a difference in the lives of other educators and your patients. When you take action, especially using face-to-face communication, you make AADE’s advocacy program stronger.

You belong. And So Do Your Colleagues

By: Dan Goldberg, Senior Manager, Membership & Marketing

AADE membership is on the rise, with more than 14,500 members and counting. As the only multi-disciplinary professional membership organization dedicated to improving diabetes care, we believe strength is in numbers. So we’re looking to continue this growth and want your help.

Event Help: Save Time by Copying your Event

It continues to be exciting to see the number of CBs and LNGs using online event registration with MY AADE NETWORK! We have seen many groups utilize MY AADE NETWORK to set up events successfully and seamlessly. With online event registration, you’re able to:

Upcoming Events in 2016

CB, LNG and COI Leadership Audio

October 19- Leadership Audio for CB, LNG and COI Leaders - "Preparing for a Successful Leader Transition" will prepare CB, LNG, and COI leaders in implementing an effective transition process for their incoming leaders.

October 25, 2016 - MAC Co-Facilitator Quarterly Call - Discuss their experience as a MAC Co-facilitator and provide suggestions for next years's leaders.

July/August 2016

CB and LNG Store



Member Affiliates Liaison to the Board

Chris Memering

Member Affiliates Council

Kathleen Gold
Virginia CB

Meghan Jardine
Plant Based COI

Molly McElwee-Malloy
Diabetes Technology COI

Melanie Teslik
New York CB

Jeanna Rhoulhac
New York CB

AADE Staff

Nadine Merker
Director, Member and Volunteer Engagement

Patricia Mangano
Manager, Volunteer Engagement

John Tyler
Manager, Web and Digital Content

Cindy Wilson
Coordinator, Volunteer Engagement 

Important Dates:
(All times CST)

All Volunteer Leaders
Fall Audio
October 19 @11am

CB and LNG Leaders:
Annual Meeting 2016 Events
August 12 - August 15

MAC Co-Facilitators:
Quarterly Call
October 25 @ 11am

Quarterly Call
September 28 @ 11am