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 Feature Article

Time to Plan for the Next Leaders…

As we transition from summer to fall, it reminds us that we need to begin to make plans to provide for another upcoming change- looking ahead to your group’s 2018 leaders.

 CB News
 CB News

Fall Calendar Leadership Development for CB, LNG and COI Leaders 

  • September 27 - COI Leader Call- This call is intended for all COI leaders – 11:00 a.m. Central Time  
  • October 18 - Leadership Audio for CB, LNG, and COI Leaders- Preparing for a Successful Leader Transition COI Leader Quarterly Conference Calls – 11:00 a.m. Central Time  

CB and LNG Financial Planning for 2018

As AADE begins its 2018 budget process, we wanted to update you on a new form to help you plan for 2018 income and expenses.

CB and LNG Store

 Annual Conference

Thank You to All Our CB and COI Networking Reception Participants!

A big thank you to the 40 CBs and COIs who showcased their groups on Thursday evening at AADE17. The room was packed with AADE17 attendees who wanted to learn more about our MY AADE NETWORK groups. We heard from many members that this was one of the best Networking Receptions to date!


 MAC News

National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management and Education

Melanie J. Teslik, RN, CDE, discusses the recently released Joint Position Statement on the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support by AADE, ADA and AND, and how we can use these opportunities to create change.

 Member Spotlight

Your Membership Could Be on Us this Fall

The Member Referral Contest is in full swing! Find out how you could win a complimentary membership or $50.


My AADE Network Communities of Interest

My AADE Network Communities of Interest (COIs) offer significant value to AADE members who regularly share documents, resources, learnings, and insights with each other. COI Leaders and active discussants have been pivotal in growing and shaping the forums organically.

How to Copy an Event

It continues to be exciting to see the number of CBs and LNGs using online event registration with MY AADE NETWORK!

 Advocacy Corner

AADE Member-Activists Help Move Emergency Prescription Refills in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, AADE member-activists have been championing a new law regarding emergency refills of certain prescriptions.


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