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Leveraging Technology for Better Outcomes

Technology is integrated into so much of what diabetes care and education specialists do. You're expected to be up to speed on the latest devices and counted on to interpret the data they produce. Individuals come to you with questions about apps, and providers are looking for someone to help them keep up with new products in the marketplace. 

Make yourself invaluable by becoming tech proficient!

From the Podcast


In this episode, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) expert Diana Isaacs explains the difference between CGMs and BGMs (blood glucose monitors), provides guidance on selecting the right device, and advice on how providers can onboard people with diabetes to their new devices. We also discuss how healthcare providers and diabetes care and education specialists can implement CGMs into their practice and why diabetes care and education specialists in particular should be leading the charge to incorporate more technology in practice. We wrap up the conversation with a brief discussion on what’s coming next and what you can do right now to better inform yourself about CGM.


LaurieAnn Scher, MS, RD, CDE, and co-chair of AADE's Technology Community of Interest shares important considerations for healthcare providers and diabetes care and education specialists who are looking to incorporate diabetes apps as tech tools in the toolbox of diabetes management. Learn more about who may benefit from using these health apps, safety considerations and where to find the best diabetes app reviews.


Janice MacLeod, MA, RD, CDE, FAADE joins the show to discuss all things smart insulin pens. She sheds light on the challenges people face while using MDI therapy, tips on how diabetes care and education specialists can help people with diabetes get started using smart insulin pens, and much more.

From the AADE Blog

Kellie Antinori-Lent headshot

Embrace Technology – It Will Transform Your Patients’ Lives and Modernize Your Practice

By Kellie Antinori-Lent, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC, BC-ADM, CDE, FAADE

My story is just one of so many others, all of us embracing technology in new ways. We know that it is more than teaching your patients how to use a glucose meter, insulin pump or CGM. It also includes integration of these devices, uploading/downloading for efficient care collaboration and data interpretation. It requires us to discuss web-based and mobile diabetes coaching and support systems (also known as digital therapeutics), provide guidance on diabetes apps and steer our patients to helpful peer support and social media communities.

Diabetes Advanced Network Access

Danatech – Your All Things Diabetes Technology Website

ADCES has created Danatech, the perfect tool to help you become a valuable resource for your patients and colleagues. A member-only website, Danatech includes:

  • Wide range of information on products in the diabetes tech space: CGMs; BGMs; insulin pumps, delivery devices and infusion sets; digital health platforms and medication delivery devices. Product specs, training and educational resources.
  • Educational courses, many that are free to AADE members, that provide in-depth exploration of key technologies. A perfect example is our popular, 5-CE online course on CGM.
  • Danatech App Review lets you recommend apps with confidence. We’ve worked with a 3rd party to review common diabetes apps looking at key privacy and usability criteria as well as how well in fits within the AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors framework.
  • Journal, magazine and e-newsletter articles that share research, patient insights and tips/tricks on managing diabetes.
  • The Technology COI is housed here and encourages peer-to-peer sharing and discussions on real-life technology-related challenges.

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Related Education in Danatech

There’s a wide array of technology education within Danatech, from courses that help you understand CGMs to device-specific videos. Take a look around to see the full breadth of choices, but here are a few key online courses everyone should know about:

Certificate Program: Continuous Glucose Monitoring
14.5 hours of FREE CE for AADE members

Explore all aspects of CGM and understand why it's the gold standard for diabetes care. You will learn how to analyze CGM reports and interpret the results, recognize benefits and barriers, review billing codes, insurance verification and reimbursement, and understand the logistics of setting up a CGM program. 

Online Course: Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Connecting the Dots
5 hours of FREE CE for AADE members

CGM is not only for people with type 1 diabetes, but has also been shown to be effective at improving self-care for people with type 2 diabetes. Do you have the skills to help the population you serve wear a CGM? Can you assist in the interpretation of the results so they can make real-time changes to medication delivery, exercise or meal plans to improve their blood glucose results? If not, this free-for-members course is for you.

Online Course: Individualizing and Optimizing Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG)
6 Hours of Free CE for AADE members

While CGM is the future, most people with diabetes are using meters to manage their blood glucose. This 6-hour course will give you the skills you need to help individuals interpret the results and adjust their behaviors accordingly.

Recorded Webinar: CGM Data in Clinical Practice
1.5 Hours of Free CE for AADE members, 90 minute webinar

Learn how to identify the various components in CGM reports, develop a systematic approach to sifting through the data and generate key discussion points from the data when working with the PWD. Will highlight the use of an inter-professional team approach and provide practical pearls regarding which reports may work best for given practice settings or patient populations.

Recorded Webinar: The Ins and Outs of Starting a CGM Program 
1.5 Hours of Free CE for AADE members, 90 minute webinar

Learn the ins and outs of starting a CGM program utilizing both professional and personal CGM. The expert co-presenters have each successfully started a program in a rural setting and a big health-system respectively. Topics include the logistics of setting up a new program including reimbursement details, patient recruitment, getting referrals, insurance coverage, maintaining inventory for professional CGM, and helping patients transition from professional to personal CGM.

Recorded Webinar: Digital Technology and Connected Health
1.5 Hours of Free CE for AADE members, 90 minute webinar

Explore current DSMES connected health solutions and learn what's in store for the future. Will cover e-patient engagement, social media, mobile apps, digital health platforms, and devices (pumps, CGMs and hybrid closed loop systems).

Recorded Webinar: Population Health Diabetes Education: Leveraging Digital Health and Patient-Generated Health Data
1.5 CE. 90 minutes

Presents a framework for expanding the role of the diabetes care and education specialist in population health diabetes education and provides strategies for diabetes care and education specialists to lead clinical transformation efforts leveraging digital health.  

Recorded Webinar: What's to Come in 2019: Diabetes Technology and Treatment Updates
1.5 CE, 90 minutes

Practical, real world approach to what diabetes care and education specialists need to know about medications and technology. Includes formulations and indications for GLP1 agonists, SGLT-1 inhibitors, glucagon and novel new agents, as well as smart pens, CGMs, pumps and what's in the pipeline to achieve a true artificial pancreas.  

AADE19 Sessions on Demand: AADE19 Technology Track
24 CE

The AADE Annual Conference in August 2019 had 21 sessions dedicated to technology topics. From CGM to BGM, Telehealth to Closed Loop, the conference had it all. 

In the Pipeline

  • Insulin Pump Management & Pump Certificate Program - Expected in 2020
  • Hybrid Closed Loop & Connected Devices CE Courses - Expected in 2020
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