Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists


System Features

  • Patient Profile, including demographics, payer information, referring provider, and more

  • Health Status, tracking learning variables, health assessment, and allergies

  • Goal Setting, helping you monitor the specific behaviors your patients would like to change, their progress, and intervention strategies used

  • Clinical Data, including A1C values, lipid profiles, blood pressure levels, anthropomorphic data, and more

  • Medications, which runs against a frequently updated federal drug database, tracking a patient’s medications, as well as their strength and frequency

  • Education, which tracks information about the 1:1 and group activities and topics covered

  • Patient Self-Assessment, an online tool that tracks information such as the patient’s health history, health status, risk factors, diabetes-related lifestyle issues, and more

  • Classes, allowing educators to easily track attendance and educational topics covered during group sessions

  • Communication Tools, used to create customizable letters to patients and physicians

  • Reporting
    • Static reports on individual patient progress, aggregate outcomes, and site statistics
    • Ad hoc, dynamic reporting engine allows staff to create custom reports on their selected data points and export data in Excel, CSV, and XML formats for further data analysis
    • National aggregate reporting allows ADCES to monitor and track trends over time 
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