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AADE7 System User FAQ

  • How can I invite another educator to join my program and share my patient population?

  • Can AADE 7 System® integrate with my other software or electronic health record?

  • I ordered the AADE 7 System® and I haven’t gotten a disc in the mail to download the software.

  • I ordered the system a few days ago and I never received the log in e-mail instructions what can I do?

  • Is there any way to help me get a jump start on inputting my patient information?

  • I’m having trouble viewing some of the information I previously saved.

  • How can I assign a patient self-report? Where do they log-on?

  • Does the AADE 7 System® e-mail my Patients an Invitation to take the Online Assessment?

  • How can I reset a patient’s username or password?

  • Does the system allow for electronic signatures?

  • Where do I mark a patient complete?

  • How do I mark a goal achieved? Do the 1-10 numbers mark it achieved for me?

  • Can I make custom alerts for myself?

  • Can I delete a patient?

  • I need some general training to explain a few features. Where can I go?

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