Change of Status Report

Once programs achieve accreditation from AADE, it is expected that the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education Programs (NSDSMEP) are maintained on an ongoing basis.  To ensure that programs continue to meet NSDSMEP Quality Standards, accredited programs will submit information changes on an as needed basis and as deemed necessary by AADE for review.

When an already accredited program under goes a significant change in their program, they must notify the AADE within 30 days of the change via the change of status form. Changes that may occur that need to be reported include, but are not limited to:

  • Adding or removing site(s) 
  • New or Interim Program Coordinator
  • Updated Contact information
  • Change in sponsorship
  • Program Name Change - administrative fees may apply
  • Curriculum change
  • A new Target Population
  • Addition to instructional staff
  • Other significant program changes including change in program name, new organizational structure, closing or suspension of the program, etc.

Please note that some changes have administrative fees: 
  • Program name changes require a $100 administrative fee 
  • Changes/corrections to a site's certificate that have already been issued a certificate previously will be $100 for each replacement certificate 
    • There is no fee for the first certificate issued to a new site.  This fee only applies when you are changing the name an existing site that already received a certificate from AADE.
  • Programs that would like to post their additional sites on the AADE DEAP's webiste list of accredited programs will incur a $100 administrative fee for each additional post.  

You may pay your administrative fee by check or credit card. If paying by check, please write DEAP and your Program ID number (located on your certificate) in the memo and send it with your completed Change of Status form attached. Please call 1.800.338.3633 to pay by credit card.

You may submit your change of status to AADE 30 days after a change has occurred.  Please allow AADE 30 days to confirm, process and review the change.  You may submit your form via:  
Fax:   312.601.4894
Postal:   Attn: DEAP
 200 W Madison, Suite 800
 Chicago, IL 60606

For questions, e-mail us at or call 800.338.3633. 
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*Interpretive Guidance changes pending approval from CMS, which is expected by December 15, 2017.