Education Location Structures

AADE has now defined sites to better meet the needs of its programs. This change should make identifying your sites easier, marketing of your sites clear, and reimbursement less confusing to your payers.

Community Sites

For DSME programs that wish to expand accessibility to their community. Community sites offer the same program as the main location and are simply an extended copy of the accredited diabetes education program. An accredited entity may have up to 10 regularly visited community sites at one time. All billing for these services goes through the main location. These sites are not posted on the website and will not receive a separate certificate.

  • No cost
  • Copy of the same program with minor alterations for specific target population needs
  • Up to 10 regularly visited sites
  • Same state
  • No certificate needed for site 
  • No individual location website posting


Branch Location

For DSME programs that wish to establish another educational location that would operate semi-independently from the primary program base location. 

These locations must be establishments within the same healthcare system entity. They fall under the original program’s oversight structure and are required to follow all accreditation guidelines established by AADE and the program. 

Branches must be in the same state as the main location, have the same program coordinator, and have the same advisory group. All communications between AADE DEAP for the branches and program as a whole will go through the program coordinator. It is the responsibility of the program coordinator to distribute information as needed. 

Because of their semi-independent nature, these locations have the potential to be audited even if the main location is not chosen. Branch locations get a customized certificate and can bill separately. Certificates will be generated with the ID number and name of the main diabetes education program but programs can also add an additional qualifier to allow for separate billing. All of the branches will be listed on the AADE website. Each branch location requires an additional $100 fee for processing and administrative oversight. Branch locations cannot be from a different business entity umbrella. 

  • $100 fee per location
  • Extension of the same program, but run semi-independently and altered for specific target population
  • Maximum of 30 locations 
  • All locations must be in the same state 
  • Certificate with a custom addendum if indicated
  • Website posting
  • Same program coordinator 
  • All change of status reports and other communications are submitted by the Program Coordinator 
  • Can have different staff 
  • Can have different target population 
  • May be audited 


Corporations and Large Organizations

Due to necessary regulatory and oversight provisions, corporate and commercial entities wishing to seek accreditation for multiple locations need to contact AADE for further discussion and pricing. 


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