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Tools for Diabetes Educators

We are committed to developing tools that you can use in your practice and with colleagues. They include tips for helping prescribers understand what you do and the value you bring to the larger diabetes care team, resources that help your group education classes come alive and guidance for implementing best practices in your facility. Additional helpful resources are found within this site's larger Practice area and also in Living with Diabetes.

The DANA App Review

Diabetes Mobile App Search and Share Made Easy

The DANA App Review
The DANA App Review delivers unbiased reviews of nearly 300 healthcare apps, with new apps being added as they are released. This curated library of health apps is available exclusively for AADE members as part of our new Diabetes Advanced Access Network (DANA) online technology initiative.

AADE in Practice Article Tip Sheets

AADE in Practice journal is filled with practical tips and tools designed to be used by diabetes educators. 

Access & Affordability Resources

We've compiled a series of resources to help people with diabetes be able to afford their medications and diabetes educator to be able to advise them. 

American Medical Group Foundation Diabetes Toolkit

Toolkit created by AMGF to help practitioners working within medical groups and integrated health systems to implement best practices and address many of the common challenges associated with effectively managing type 2 diabetes. 

Blood Glucose Monitoring Resources

Still the norm for most people with diabetes, these resources include an AADE Practice Paper, a series of practice-focused tip sheets, and advocacy resources related to seniors' access to the supplies they need.   

Cardiovascular Disease Resources

Developed in 2016, these resources cover the link between diabetes and CVD, offer targets of care, give tips on avoiding heart disease and provide a list of questions people with diabetes should ask their healthcare team.

Conversation Prompt Deck Tools

In 2016, AADE updated these popular tools that were designed to stimulate conversation within group classes. One covers the AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors™ and is available in English and Spanish, and the other is on the major complications of diabetes. 

Diabetes Language Guidance

How we talk to and about people with diabetes plays an important role in engagement, conceptualization of diabetes and its management, treatment outcomes, and psycho-social well being. Check out language guidance from AADE and the American Diabetes Association. 

Diabetes Wellness Program

Learn how to on-board your patients onto diabetes-focused mobile apps and help them use it effectively. And don't forget to check out Welldoc's Diabetes Wellness Program available through the Samsung Health app. Created through a partnership with Samsung and Welldoc. 

Disaster Preparedness Resources

Disaster situations can strike at any time. We've prepared a Disaster Planning Tool that will help you form your own diabetes disaster response team, along with helpful resources from the ADA, CDC and others. 

Gestational Diabetes Resources

Gestational diabetes is the most common medical complication from pregnancy. Read AADE's practice paper and resources on this critical subject. 

Hypoglycemia Resources

An important public health issue, our hypoglycemia resource page include several practice documents, new resources that provide helpful advice to PWD, journal articles, educational courses and advocacy-related issues. 

Insulin Injection Resources

Tip sheets to use when assisting your patients with understanding how insulin works and teaching proper injection techniques. Includes an overview on understanding how insulin works, learning how to inject, and an insulin assessment checklist.  

Insulin Pump Therapy Resources

A variety of resources that support the AADE practice paper on Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (CSII) Without and With Sensor Integration, including relevant AADE journal articles, educator and patient resources, blog posts, and educational programs.

Joint Position Statement for DSMES

Series of tools to assist diabetes educators with sharing the recommendations included in the joint position statement, namely the four times someone with diabetes should be referred for diabetes education. 

Managing Your Diabetes Video Series

A series of videos that introduces people with diabetes and their caregivers to the AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors™.

Medication Taking Resources

We've created a series of tip sheets designed to encourage people to take the medications they've been prescribed. They include tips for remembering to take medication, ways to approach the conversation and tips for affording medications.   

Mental Health Resources

Diabetes educators are in a unique position to support the mental health of people with diabetes. AADE has created new guidance and resources to better understand and manage a variety of mental health issues including serious mental illness, suicide ideation, depression, diabetes distress and more.

Obesity and Diabetes Resources

Diabetes educators have many opportunities to assist people who have diabetes and are overweight or obese, including implementing lifestyle changes and exploring medication options. Here you will find AADE’s new practice paper on the topic, advocacy efforts by AADE and our partners, educational courses, journal articles, and tip sheets.   

Tips for Reaching Prescribers

Tips and tactics for showcasing your value with prescribers. Features advice and success stories from your colleagues about how they have made inroads in getting patient referrals and becoming part of the larger healthcare team. Includes a PowerPoint presentation. 

Importance of Vaccines for People with Diabetes

People living with diabetes are at increased risk of developing serious complications from vaccine-preventable diseases. These include influenza, pneumococcal disease, hepatitis B, shingles, tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis.
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