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Diabetes affordability is top of mind for educators and people with diabetes alike. Navigating the intricacies of health insurance and patient assistance programs can be confusing, especially for someone who is already having to cope with the diagnosis of a chronic disease. Even people with the most comprehensive plans often face challenges and barriers related to access and affordability of their prescribed and preferred diabetes medications, devices and supplies. Below we've provided a series of resources that will give you tools and tips for being an effective advocate for people living with diabetes.

Resources for People Living with Diabetes

AACE Prescription Savings Directory

Prescription Savings Directory

Developed and updated by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE), in partnership with the American College of Endocrinology (ACE), this online resource assists you with navigating endocrine/diabetes related patient drug assistance programs and resources.

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Type 1 Diabetes Health Insurance Guide

JDRF Insurance Guide

Developed and updated by JDRF, this online resource will help people living with type 1 diabetes navigate their insurance choices, understand their options and learn how to obtain prior authorizations and file exceptions and appeals.

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diaTribe Series on Access

DiaTribe Series on Access

diaTribe, an online publication designed for people with diabetes but also very useful to diabetes educators, developed a series of articles that explain the whys and hows of insurance coverage, workplace benefits and Medicare, and offers practical tips on saving money on medications. 

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Ideas for Managing Expenses

Ideas for Diabetes Expenses Video

Roche Diabetes Care, makers of Accu-Chek®, joined with Alexa Von Tobel, founder and CEO of, who offers her ideas for lowering diabetes costs. Listen in as she shares 3 tips for managing diabetes costs.

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Patient Assistance Resources from Lilly

Insulin Affordability Solutions

Lilly offers a variety of resources to help people with diabetes afford their medications. They include discount programs at pharmacies, prescription savings cards, and helpful information and a checklist for transitioning to Medicare.

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10 Tips to Help Patients Afford Their Medications

10 Tips to Help Patients Afford Medications

A practical resource from the May 2017 issue of AADE in Practice​, it provides suggestions for initiating a conversation and offers tips for ways people with diabetes can save on their medications.  

Educator Resources

Non-Medical Switching: Ways to Help Your Patients Obtain the Medications That Were Prescribed for Them

An article in the November 2017 issue of AADE in Practice provides an overview of a concerning healthcare trend where people with diabetes are being switched from one medication to another without consent of their provider. Also provided is a handy tip sheet with some of the article's main take-aways. 

Forced Non-Medical Switching

Forced Non-Medical Switching Tip Sheet

The Role of the Diabetes Educator in Diabetes Formulary and Medical Device Decisions

The Role of Diabetes Educators in Formulary and Medical Device Decisions

A 2017 Position Statement of the American Association of Diabetes Educators that advocates for diabetes educators to be a part of discussions.

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