Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Resources

Developed in 2016, these resources cover the link between diabetes and CVD, offer targets of care, give tips on avoiding heart disease and provide a list of questions people with diabetes should ask their healthcare team

Tip Sheet 1 CVD and DM

What is the Link

Covers the key risk factors for heart disease and the connection between heart disease and diabetes.

Also available in Spanish

Tip Sheet 2 CVD Goals

Targets Of Care

Gives the current recommended ranges for blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, BMI and physical activity. Also provides some strategies for reducing risk. 

Also available in Spanish

Tip Sheet 3 CVD prevention


Using the AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors as its framework, this tip sheet offers suggestions for preventing the development of heart disease. 

Also available in Spanish

Tip Sheet 1 CVD and DM

Top 5 Questions

Gives people with diabetes five areas they should cover with their care team covering the areas of risk, treatment options, safety issues, herbal products and steps to take to avoid developing heart disease.

Also available in Spanish

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