Medication Taking & Affordability Resources

We created a series of tip sheets for diabetes educators and people with diabetes to help ensure proper adherence to medication instructions. We've also included an article from the May 2017 issue of AADE in Practice that provides tips and sources to help make medications more affordable. 


Published in the May 2017 issue of AADE in Practice, author Jerry Meece, RPh, CDE, CDM, FACA, FAADE, offers 10 tips for helping patients afford their medications, covering:

  1. Government resources
  2. Online and pharmaceutical resources
  3. Rebates and coupons
  4. Samples
  5. Working around co-pays
  6. Generics vs. brand names
  7. Combining drugs
  8. Pill splitting
  9. Therapeutic substituions
  10. Saving on supplies

Fostering Medication Adherence

Fostering Medication Taking

For diabetes educators. Provides suggestions about approaching the topic, offers characteristics of patients who may be at high risk and gives predictors of those who might be less likely to take their medications as prescribed.

Medication Adherence Checklist

Medication Taking Checklist

For diabetes educators. A checklist to use for ensuring that key questions are answered and topics are addressed.

Tips for Improving Medication Taking

Tips for Improving Medication Taking

For people with diabetes. This tip sheet briefly covers the importance of taking medications as prescribed, discusses the roles of various providers and offers strategies for remembering to take medicines on time and in the correct way.  

Also Available in Spanish


My Diabetes Medicines Checklist

My Diabetes Medicines Checklist

For people with diabetes. A checklist for patients to help them get all their questions answered. 

Also available in Spanish
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