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Diabetes Education Conversation Prompt Decks

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Diabetes Education Group Class

We've provided downloadable materials, including bilingual tools for diabetes care and education specialist to use in group class settings. These materials use the framework of the AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors™ to explore diabetes, and cover major health complications associated with diabetes to stimulate conversation among your group.

Please note:
Since these guides were created there have been some updates to clinical recommendations included in the Educator Guide.

Prompt Decks

2016 Diabetes Education Bilingual Prompt Deck

Diabetes Education Prompt Deck 2016

A Spanish/English prompt deck designed to be used with patients when discussing the AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors™: healthy eating, being active, monitoring, taking medication, problem solving, reducing risks and healthy coping. Accompanying the deck is an educator guide, which gives suggestions on how to use the cards.



Educator Guide:

2016 Diabetes Complications Prompt Deck

Diabetes Education Complications Prompt Deck 2016

Designed to stimulate discussion about the major diabetes complications: Eye Disease, Kidney Disease, Heart Disease and Nerve Damage, among others. Also includes patient scenarios. Accompanying the deck is an educator guide, giving suggestions on how to use the cards.

Prompt Deck:

Educator Guide:

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