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Joint Position Statement Toolkit

The evidence is clear: Diabetes self-management education and support (DSMES) improves clinical outcomes. What was less defined was the key times when DSMES makes the greatest difference.

In 2015, ADCES, the American Diabetes Association and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, along with assistance from the National Diabetes Education Program, issued a joint position statement that defines the four times when a referral for DSMES is needed. 

The organizations have taken the next step and created a toolkit to assist diabetes care and education specialists and others with sharing the information and recommendations included in the joint position statement. 

Toolkit Materials


Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support in Type 2 Diabetes: A Joint Position Statement of the ADA, ADCES and AND

Powers MA, Bardsley J, Cypress M, Duker P, Funnell MM, Hess Fischl A, Maryniuk MD, Siminerio L, Vivian E.Diabetes Educ. 2015 Aug;41(4):417-30.


Joint Position Statement User Guide

Provides instruction on how to use the various elements in the tool kit. 

10-slide version

5-slide version

2-slide version

PowerPoint Presentation

To use when presenting to groups that can influence referrals: Local educators, physician and nursing leadership, performance improvement and quality departments, administration, and other individuals and groups depending on the local practice site specifics.  

Several versions are available. If you only have a short amount of time or just want to include it within a larger presentation, choose the 2- or 5-slide versions. The 10-side version is the full presentation.
(Click on graphics to download each version)

You Can Thrive flyer

Flyer for People with Diabetes

Patient-facing flyer that provides general information of the benefits of DSMES and the 4 critical times that DSMES should occur. Use this in your facility, at local health fairs, etc.
You Can Thrive flyer WEB (Lower resolution but fine for websites)
You Can Thrive flyer DESKTOP (High resolution, good for desktop printing)
You Can Thrive flyer PRESS (High resolution, to be used with professional print shops)


Letter/Email to Send to Providers

This template letter has the essentials included to support the need for DSMES. It is intended to be sent along with a copy of the Joint Position Statement and the algorithm/s. It is suggested that key leaders in the program sign the letter along with the educator. Specific information on your program needs to be added.
Sample Provider Letter - Word
Sample Provider Letter - PDF


Abstract Template 

This template provides background language to support submission to various educational forums.
Abstract Template - Word
Abstract Template - PDF

Supporting Video

The Four Key Times to See a Diabetes Care and Education Specialist

Supporting Practice Documents


Diabetes Self-Management Education for Adults with Type 2 Diabetes: A Systematic Review of the Effect on Glycemic Control

​Chrvala, C, Sherr, D, Lipman, R. Patient Education and Counseling 99 (2016) 926-943

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