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National Minority Health Month is a great time to review your practice and ensure you are offering the best possible care to those at the most risk. As champions of person-centered care, you have the opportunity to meet the needs of your clients where they live, work, play and pray. That means doing what you can to understand their needs through their eyes to encourage optimal care and outcomes. To help you better serve the specific needs of your clients, ADCES has compiled a variety of resources. 

A Culturally Competent Approach 

The way that a person with diabetes processes and utilizes information depends heavily on health literacy and numeracy skills, prior life experiences and social support, each of which are shaped by culture. Cultural and Health Literacy Considerations with Diabetes breaks down how the diabetes care and education specialist must approach education with each individual to meet their needs. Access additional cultural competency resources at

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Resources for Individualized Care

Diabetes & Religion

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Connect With Peers 

Are you an ADCES member? Ask questions and connect with peers in the ADCES Connect Cultural Diversity Community of Interest (COI)

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