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The Benefits of Peer Support

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The emotional well-being of a person with diabetes directly impacts their own self-care and studies have shown that improved support of any kind can lead to positive outcomes. However, these benefits are only realized if healthcare professional actively integrate peer support into their daily practice and provide clients and their caregivers with the information and guidance to access various types of support. ADCES has partnered with members and leaders in this space to bring you resources that empower your clients to find support that works for them.

If you're a person with diabetes you can learn more about peer support here

Perspectives in Practice

The Role and Value of Ongoing and Peer Support in Diabetes Care and Education

To achieve positive outcomes, it’s imperative that people with diabetes have access to ongoing support from their healthcare provider. This practice paper offers direction to the role a diabetes care and education specialist should play in assessing a client’s social support and to refer to evidence-based peer support mutually determined to be of most value.

Key points addressed in this paper:

  1. Type of diabetes support and supporters
  2. Delivery of ongoing support by DSMES
  3. How to access social support in diabetes care
  4. Evidence on the types and value of peer support
  5. Impact of technology on access to peer support

The Evidence-Based Value of Peer Support

In-Person and Technology-Mediated Peer Support in Diabetes Care: A Systematic Review of Reviews and Gap Analysis

The evidence is clear, diabetes care and education specialists should incorporate and recommend peer support resources for people with diabetes. A systematic review of reviews of evidence and gaps demonstrated many clinical, behavioral, and psychosocial benefits related to in-person and technology-mediated peer support. Clinical outcomes included reduced A1C, blood pressure and weight. Read the full report for more. 

Additional Research Resources & Guidance

ADCES In Practice 

Check out Focus on Peer Support in the latest issue of ADCES In Practice magazine to discover new ways to integrate peer support, both online and in person, into your practice. 

The Diabetes Educator

Perspectives on Diabetes Care

Resources for Your Clients

Peer Support Tip Sheet

Download our peer support tip sheet, highlighting all the ways you can engage with diabetes-focused peer support communities.


Spanish Language Resources

Peer support resources curated by Beyond Type 1 are available at

ADCES’ Work in Peer Support

ADCES recognizes peer support, both online and in person, as a key tool for improved outcomes and overall quality of life for people with diabetes, their caregivers and healthcare providers. Learn more about ADCES’ work in this area and what you can do to support these efforts.

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