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Ramadan and Diabetes

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Ramadan is a special time of the year that brings increased spirituality, self-discipline, compassion and gratitude. For millions of followers of the Islamic faith, it's a time of fasting from sunrise to sundown. Although people with diabetes are exempt from fasting, many still choose to do so. As a healthcare professional, it's critical that you work with individuals to help them fast safely while respecting their decision.  

Tip Sheets for Your Practice 

Learn more about Ramadan and how to serve your clients who fast during this time each year. Download and print the patient tip sheet as a conversation tool in your practice. 

For Healthcare Professionals 

Ramadan - HCP

For People with Diabetes 

Ramadan Tips

Additional Resources

Diabetes and Ramadan: Practical Guidelines from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in collaboration with the Diabetes and Ramadan (DAR) International Alliance. 

Recommendations for Management of Diabetes During Ramadan as seen in Diabetes Care. 2010 Aug; 33(8): 1895–1902.


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